Capable of detecting consequences of Covid-19

Apple Watch and Fitbit

Study revealed that Apple Watch and Fitbit could detect the aftermath of Covid-19. Since patients show a high level of heart rate for months

In recent years, work has been done so that smartwatches can be useful for people’s health care. In this sense, it was highlighted that Apple watch Y Fitbit could help with Covid-19.

According to a study published in the New York Times, these devices could detect aftermath of the coronavirusas patients show a high level of heart rate for months.


The investigation ‘Digital Engagement and Tracking for Early Control and Treatment’ (DETECT) monitored for five months -through the MyDataHelps app- more than 37,000 people who used a Apple watch Y Fitbit, and watches from other manufacturers.

According to the results 875 of the participants showed signs of respiratory diseases. Of which 234 tested positive for Covid-19.

Researchers at the Scripps Research Transnational Institute in California detailed that the heart rates of patients with coronavirus it decreased approximately 9 days after the first symptoms were detected.

As the disease passed, the heart rate rose for several months. According to the study, patients take an average of 79 days to return to a heart rhythm in a resting state.


The research highlights that people who showed signs of respiratory disease, but tested negative for Covid-19, they did not get these results.

“We found a prolonged physiological impact of the Covid-19 infection, lasting approximately 2 to 3 months, on average”

The study also highlighted that patients who had Covid-19 also see effects on their levels of physical activity and sleep.

“Many people who contract Covid-19 end up having autonomic dysfunction and a kind of ongoing inflammation. And this can negatively affect your body’s ability to regulate your pulse. “

According to the results the Apple watch Y Fitbit could detect persistent symptoms of Covid-19. Although the researchers noted that “comparing long-term behavioral and physiological changes” takes more time.

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