Canon camera on sale and free shipping now for 219 euros less

The model we are talking about is the Canon PowerShot G5 X, which among the virtues it has is to include a sensor that has a resolution of 20.2 Mpx type CMOS. This, among other things, ensures that the quality of the photos that are taken is quite good (and large, it must be said) and also makes it possible to make recordings to Full HD, so it is also completely valid to prepare your videos and publish them both on social networks and on the YouTube channel you have. In other words, it is practically valid for any type of function.

Canon PowerShot G5 X front

Finished in black and with a fairly well worked ergonomics, which allows it to be used continuously with high comfort, it should be noted that this Canon camera on offer, has a weight of only 380 grams here what has to do with the dimensions are as follows: 4.42 x 11.24 x 7.64 cm. That is, it fits perfectly in practically any backpack you have, no matter how small it is. By the way, it should be noted that it does not lack a screen to preview all the jobs that are carried out and even manipulate management options. This is in color and has dimensions of three inches, more than enough to be quite useful.

Buy this Canon camera on sale

Right now you can buy this product from home with one of the best prices we have seen to date to get it. Specifically, you only have to pay 500 euros to have it at home, without having to add anything for shipping costs, since right now they are free. This supposes a save € 219.05 a more than striking quantity for a digital camera that has an excellent quality. We leave you the link that you have to use to take advantage of this promotion from home and with great reliability, since the specific store is eBay.

Important things about this Canon PowerShot G5 X

One of the interesting is that this is a model that has digital stabilizer, which ensures that you will get fairly accurate photos and recordings in which you will not see many jumps in case you are moving. Besides, it should also be noted that the canon camera on offer that we are talking about includes a 4.2X optical zoom, which will allow you to get close enough to objects or people without losing any quality in terms of definition. And, all this, with details as interesting as a F aperture: 1.8 and a minimum focal length of 24 millimeters.

Canon PowerShot G5 X display

Finally, it is important to know that this is a model that has compatibility with SDXC cards, so you can save your recordings and photos in them and share them easily with computers and even tablets. Additionally, it should be mentioned that this model does not lack access to networks Wifi allowing excellent connectivity in all kinds of situations.

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