‘Camera Switches’: The app to control your phone through gestures

From the hand of Android 12, the operating system that promises to be the most innovative in the history of Google, comes a new function: ‘Camera Switches’, which is part of the Accessibility Suite that will allow you to perform various tasks through facial expressions.

Control your phone with facial expressions!

This function titled ‘Camera Switches’ It will be available in the new Android 12 and will relate different gestures with functions or actions within your phone to avoid having to touch the screen. This will be the third option that Google develops for people with motor difficulties.

Facial expressions as part of Google Camera Switches - Hola Telcel blog

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Previously, there was the possibility of controlling your phone through gestures by means of a switch external or Bluetooth. However, now there will be no need to buy any software extra, or download an application, or have a depth sensor for facial unlocking of a smartphone.

On the other hand, some specialized media assure that the depth sensor that is integrated in the new phones could help reduce the failures in the recognition of gestures of the new Android 12.

In fact, the new ‘Camera Switches’ will complement perfectly with the precision to recognize faces of equipment like the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite, which you can find in the Telcel online store, in Friend Kit or with the benefits of a Rent Plan and try all the technological innovations with #TelcelLaMejorRed and the highest Coverage and Speed.

How will ‘Camera Switches’ work?

The first step to start using this new feature will be to configure your facial expressions to relate them to a specific action. For example, your smile to open an application or the movement of your eyes to call a particular contact, among others.

‘Camera Switches’ will allow you to register up to six facial gestures: smile, look from left to right, look up or down, open mouth and raise eyebrows.

How to configure Android 12 Camera Switches - Hola Telcel Blog

The possibility of tasks that you can perform without touching the screen will be more than thirteen. In addition, you can also configure the duration of the gestures or the intensity to be related to a different task.

The actions that you can perform without touching the screen are: ‘Pause the function’ of ‘Camera Switch’, ‘Select’, ‘Next’, ‘Previous’, ‘Touch and hold’. You can also: ‘Scroll back and forth’, ‘Home’, ‘Notifications’, ‘Quick settings’ and ‘Overview’.

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‘Camera Switches’ as part of the Android Accessibility Kit

This function will join the alternatives to use a smartphone that Google has implemented within the app Android Accessibility Kit. In it you can find a collection of accessibility apps: systems such as braille, message readers and others designed for people with disabilities.

‘Camera Switches’ will be available in the operating system Android 12 which is currently in beta version. In Hello Telcel We will update you on all the news of this new system, which according to Google will have functions never seen before, in addition to the possibility of customizing and designing the way you navigate to your liking.

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