Buy and protect a new OPPO Reno5 Lite device with Telcel UP!

If among your wishes is to release a new OPPO Reno5 Lite, you should know that Telcel has the perfect opportunity for you. Since when acquiring it, you can include it in Telcel UP, when activating or renewing in combo and protect your new smartphone against any damage, theft or failure. With the opportunity to renew early!

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Don’t worry if your equipment gets wet, Telcel UP protects it!

Activate or renew in combo on a Telcel Max Unlimited Plan 5000 and enjoy the great benefits of Telcel UP.

– $ 499 Monthly Plan Rent
– $ 264 Monthly Equipment Payment
– $ 219 Rena Monthly Telcel UP

A total of only $ 982 per month!

What benefits does activating Telcel UP give you?

  • Your cell phone will be protected in case of theft, accidental physical damage such as liquid or broken screen, even an electrical or mechanical failure.
  • In the event of a claim from a claim (the terms and conditions of the contracted policy apply), you will be given a replacement equipment, after paying your deductible.
  • After 12 continuous months of coverage in the Telcel UP program, you will have various benefits: From the first day of month 13 you will be able to access 18 and 24-month plans, from the first day of month 16 in 30-month plans and from the first Day of the month 19 in 36-month plans, to the early Telcel UP renewal, that is, you can renew your cell phone early, without any penalty.
  • Now you will also have the option of screen repair in case of damage claim. Check the brands and models participating in the Telcel Up page.

Check more details, premiums and deductibles at Telcel Up.

New OPPO Reno5 Lite plus Enco Buds!

Undoubtedly one of the most amazing features of the OPPO Reno5 Lite is its dual view video function that synchronizes the front and rear cameras so that you get two versions of the same story and the most incredible videos of your favorite moments. In addition, it has artificial intelligence, 48 + 8 + 2 + 2 megapixels in the rear camera and 32 megapixels in the front camera.

On the other hand, with the OPPO Reno5 Lite you have the opportunity to download the amount you want of apps, videos and all your favorite entertainment thanks to its 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM. And if the above is not enough, it also offers a fast charge of 30 watts that completes the battery in short periods of time.

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Decide today to protect your equipment and enjoy all the benefits of #TelcelLaMejorRed and the greatest Coverage and Speed.

* Valid throughout the Mexican Republic except CDMX, State of Mexico, Hidalgo and Morelos

Terms and conditions: 1) The published prices include 16% VAT and are calculated based on contracting the TELCEL MAX PLAN WITHOUT LIMIT 5000 SUBJECT TO A FORCED TERM OF 24 MONTHS WITH OPPO RENOS LITE EQUIPMENT AND CONTRACTING THE TELCEL UP INSURANCE. The price of $ 499 corresponds to the monthly rent of the Telcel Max Unlimited 5000 plan (open CPP). The one of $ 264 corresponds to the monthly equipment charge considering a funded Initial Payment of $ 5,409. The price of $ 219 corresponds to the monthly premium of the Telcel UP Insurance for the OPPO Reno5 Lite Terminal Equipment plus Enco Buds. 2) Telcel UP is an insurance offered by Alliance México, SA, Compañía de Seguros, as an adhesion contract and is administered by Asurion México, S. de RL de CV Telcel UP protects the insured terminal equipment against theft, physical damage, mechanical failure or electric (after the manufacturer’s warranty expires), subject to the payment of a deductible. The Client will pay, in case of damage or failure, a deductible of 30% and, in case of theft, a deductible of 40%. The deductible is calculated based on the retail price of the insured equipment in effect at the time of the loss, as it appears in Asurion’s records, without subsidies or discounts. Replacement Terminal Equipment may be new or refurbished (remanufactured / rebuilt), at Allianz’s discretion. Available for contracting within the first 30 days following the contracting or renewal of the contracted Telcel plan subject to a mandatory term. Telcel UP is a totally optional additional service and can be canceled at any time by the user by dialing * 111 or 800-099-0802. The screen repair benefit included in the insurance applies only to equipment of the participating brands and models. Consult participating terminal equipment before hiring. The Early Renewal Benefit allows the user to terminate his forced term in advance without penalty and to be subject to a new one of equal or greater duration with new equipment. It applies from the 13th month of the mandatory term and Telcel UP Insurance when subject to 18 or 24 months of month 16 when subject to a 30-month term and from month 19 when subject to a 36-month term. The outstanding balance of the term payment of the insured equipment will be forgiven if the conditions established in the insurance Policy are met: a) Deliver the insured equipment to Telcel in good condition; b) be up to date with payments for services and monthly insurance premiums; c) Make an additional administrative payment, when applicable, which will depend on the value of the insured equipment and will not be understood as payment for the new equipment. Before contracting Telcel UP and making use of the included benefits, you must read and agree with the terms and conditions of the Insurance and its Included Benefits. Information on Telcel UP, Terms, Conditions and Policy in force at Product registered with folio CNSF-50003-0107-2017 and CONDUSEF-000753-02. Illustrative images. Terminal equipment and equipment color subject to availability at point of sale. The color of the image may vary from that of the terminal equipment physically. Information on Telcel Max Unlimited plans at, Customer Service Centers and Authorized Telcel Distributors. Check the price of the OPPO Reno 5 Lite Terminal Equipment when contracting with a different plan and mandatory term at points of sale. Commercial offer valid throughout the Mexican Republic except CDMX, Edo. de México, Hidalgo and Morelos from September 30, October 06, 2021. Subject to approval and validation of credit history. THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES OFFERED BY TELCEL ARE PROVIDED BASED ON THAT ESTABLISHED IN THE GUIDELINES THAT ARE THE INDICES AND QUALITY PARAMETERS TO WHICH THE PROVIDERS OF THE MOBILE SERVICE MUST SUBJECT. Public Telecommunications Registry: Folios: 301008.

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