Buy a Kindle Paperwhite with a good deal on Amazon

This is the model that can be considered as a means within the range of products of the well-known online store, so it offers a large number of options that will surely make it the purchase you were looking for. An example of what we say is that among other things this model offers waterproof (IPX8), so it is not a problem to wear it when you go to the pool. What’s more, its 6-inch screen with 300 dpi resolution, it is illuminated by 5 LEDs, so in any place, no matter how dark you are, you can read yourself without any difficulty.

Kindle Paperwhite eBook

The type of panel that integrates this model is electronic ink (E Ink Carta), this means that it hardly consumes energy when operating. The result of this is very positive, since the autonomy offered by the Kindle Paperwhite is weeks, so we go accessory that you can take on vacation for 15 days if you have to worry at any time about connecting a plug. By the way, the Portuguese cargo offered by this product is USB, which ensures that you can always access a compatible cable in case you need it if you have left the original at home.

Good discount for a limited time

If you have been thinking about buying this eReader for a while, right now there is an offer that allows you save you 15% compared to the price it usually has on Amazon. This supposes a discount of 20 euros, a very positive figure and that will allow you to get one of the many accessories for Kindle Paperwhite that exist in the market. We leave you the link that you have to use so as not to miss this opportunity where, if you have a Prime account you will not have to pay absolutely nothing for shipping costs and you will receive the product the day after making the purchase.

Important Features of Kindle Paperwhite

One of those that we believe is quite important has to do with the comfort of use it offers, the reason for this is that it has dimensions of only 167 x 116 x 8.2 mm, which ensures that you can carry them comfortably is the backpack and, even, in the pocket of the coat. Also, its only 182 fallow deer, so you will never get married stop it subject when reading. And, all this, with an excellent plastic finish with high quality and resistance and frames that are quite small. Without a doubt, the ergonomics are very well taken care of

Kindle Paperwhite

Apart from everything indicated, it should be noted that the Kindle Paperwhite that is on sale has internal storage of 8 GB, which allows thousands of stored books to be carried inside. In addition, it also has connectivity Wifi, so it allows direct access and thus find books that you can even buy. The truth is that due to the existing promotion we believe that this is a very good purchase option.

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