Browse, monitor and explore from the official app of the CDMX Telcel Marathon

After a long wait, the CDMX Telcel Marathon is back to carry out its XXXVIII edition corresponding to the year 2021. It will be one of the most important sporting events of the year in which families and friends will resume the habit of running for a medal of recognition.

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The CDMX Marathon will take place next Saturday, November 28, with the capital’s Zócalo as its goal. While the CDMX Half Marathon will take place on December 19, with the Angel of Independence as its goal. Without a doubt, what makes this sporting event even more special is that it will arrive after more than a year of waiting. So if you are already willing to register and attend, you should know everything about the official marathon app!

How the official app of the CDMX Telcel 2021 Marathon works - Hola Telcel blog

Discover the incredible things you can do from the official app of the CDMX Telcel Marathon

The official CDMX Telcel Marathon app was created to provide each participant with a unique, innovative and technological experience inside and outside the competition. This is thanks to the multiple functions it has, so to know them all, continue reading and download it right now from Google play or AppStore.

Bring your own timeline progress

Within the app, in the section of timeline, you will be able to receive notifications of the event that is of interest to you, be it the Marathon or the CDMX Telcel Half Marathon. In addition, you can follow your selected athletes with their simple click, check the countdown to the big event and important published information that you must know to participate, such as news, articles and notifications.

Fully explore the marathon

In the second tab of the main menu bar you will be able to explore the maps in progress, the live monitoring of the competition and consult the calendar of the live races so you do not miss any or the participation of your favorite runners.

Monitor your favorite athletes from the CDMX Telcel Marathon

In this third section, you will have the opportunity to click on the record of each athlete, track them and see the statistics and points they have obtained throughout the competition. In this way you will be able to compare results and discover the performance of each one to support your favorites.

Ranking and classification

Here you can do all kinds of searches, especially about athletes, and the official app will show you the classification by gender. You can also review the general classification and a configuration menu to enable or disable notifications. Just remember that the list of participants will appear once the race begins.


Finally, in the ‘Profile’ menu you can configure and edit the application at your own pace, taste and needs. On the other hand, you can create a new account or log in for a Live Tracking.

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The mobile application of the Marathon CDMX Telcel 2021 is a space to access information and live monitoring of the next great event; You will be able to receive general notifications and enjoy the CDMX Marathon in a more special way, so try it right now, discover its functions and have fun through technology and sports. 😉

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