Britney Spears could be part of the ‘live action’ of ‘Peter Pan’

The famous singer Britney Spears, better known as “the Princess of Pop”, could become one more member of the cast of Peter Pan, taking the role of Tinkerbell in the new project live-action that is planned for Disney +.

Britney could be part of the cast of Peter Pan - Blog Hola TelcelAfter so many years and the popularity that the movement achieved #FreeBritney In social networks, the beautiful 39-year-old singer is finally stable, enjoying her family, success and with new goals and projects at the door. But what are they about?

One of them consists of the possible participation of Britney Spears playing a role in one of the most emblematic Disney films and that, without a doubt, has marked the childhood of many. Although it seems difficult to imagine, the singer could be part of the new project of Peter Pan and here we tell you everything about it.

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The new live action from Peter PanWith Britney Spears?

Disney issued a press release informing that the filming of Peter Pan and Wendy It has already started its filming stage, taking place in Vancouver, Canada. A new version live-action of a Disney classic, which is scheduled to reach the platform of streaming in 2022.

This new tape is about a remake from the 1953 animated version, based on the novel by James Matthew Barrie, and will be directed by David Lowery.

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The new film focuses on the classic story of Wendy, a tender girl who confronts her parents because she refuses to grow up and grow up. She prefers to continue believing in fantasy tales, such as Peter Pan, and share them with his younger siblings, Juan and Miguel. However, everything changes when he really meets the hero of his stories and together with his brothers they venture to know Neverland next to Peter Pan.

Peter Pan and Wendy will join the long list of new versions of the Disney classic, such as Peter Pan (2003) and Peter Pan (2014), movies that you can enjoy through Clear video by having a Telcel Max Unlimited Plan 3000 or higher and the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

But where will Britney come in?

Our famous singer, known for hits like Baby One More Time and Oops! I dit it again, He confessed on social networks that it would be incredible to return to the company that gave life to his career, but this time playing one of his favorite characters, Tinkerbell, as part of the new Disney project.

Disney could consider Britney Spears as part of the live action of Peter Pan - Blog Hola TelcelBritney has been quite enthusiastic about the idea of ​​being part of Peter Pan and Wendy, with the intention that the production take it into account, perhaps not as Tinkerbell, but as part of the soundtrack, considering his successful musical career. There are even fans who have shown their support, however, so far nothing is confirmed.

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Many details are missing about the new proposal live-action from Disney, but undoubtedly the participation of Britney Spears would be a plus that would attract many more people of different generations. Don’t you think? 😊

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