Brie Larson as Captain Marvel could be replaced in the MCU

With more than 25 years of experience, Marvel studios has positioned itself as one of the largest and most influential production houses in Hollywood. Part of its success is due to the fact that it constantly renews its ideas and has given greater prominence to the classic superheroines of comics, such as Captain Marvel, interpreted by Brie Larson.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in Avengers: Endgame, who could be replaced.- Blog Hola Telcel

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In 2019, Brie Larson became the first woman to star alone in a motion picture Marvel studios, giving life to Carol Danver who later becomes Captain Marvel. Thanks to this, it was possible for Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, to do the same in the cinema and that many more films and series with leading women are being planned.

Despite this, recent rumors claim that Captain Marvel could be replaced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but how true are they?

Is it true that Brie Larson as Captain Marvel will be replaced in the MCU?

According to information shared by the portal Giant Freakin Robot, Brie Larson She could very soon be replaced as the great Marvel heroine by new characters that have emerged or are about to emerge. One of them is Monica Rambeau who we saw in WandaVision obtaining great powers after a series of misfortunes with Wanda Maximoff.

WandaVision's Monica Rambeau could be the replacement for Brie Larson, Captain Marvel in the UCM.- Blog Hola Telcel

On the other hand, America Chavez is another of the characters that could replace Captain Marvel as leader of the Avengers. Chávez is one of the following protagonists who will have her own film within the UCM, forming part of the long list of projects that are to come.

América Chávez, the new Marvel superheroine that will join the UCM.- Blog Hola Telcel

It’s true that Marvel Studios has big plans for both Monica Rambeau and America Chavez. However, there is nothing confirmed that they will be the replacement for Brie Larson What Captain Marvel; the new leader of the team after the absence of Captain America and Iron Man.

Captain Marvel 2 still stands, as part of phase 4 of the MCU

Last August it was confirmed that the filming of the second installment of Captain Marvel had started. This means that the premiere of Captain Marvel 2 It could take place in 2023, if the pandemic allows it. A fact that takes weight away from the rumors that Brie Larson would no longer be Carol Danvers in future projects.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, the first Marvel superhero to have her own solo movie.- Blog Hola Telcel

It seems hard to believe that Marvel is going to let go of the talent of Oscar winner Brie Larson so soon, especially after her involvement in Captain Marvel Y Avengers: Endgame, which you can enjoy through Disney + by including it in your current Telcel Plan or when contracting a Max Play Plan with Disney + and the connectivity of #TelcelLaBestRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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Brie Larson was born to be Carol Danvers, do you believe the rumors that she could be replaced? 🤔

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