Bose noise canceling headphones on sale for 61 euros less

The model in question is the Bose 700 Soapstone, which is a limited edition due to the design they offer that has a finish in two tone (white and copper), which provide a most striking look to this accessory. In addition, it is what has to do with the design, it must be indicated that the comfort is excellent because the economy has been taken care of a lot and an example of what we say is that the weight of this product does not exceed 250 grams. That is, they are like this to use for this reason glasses that have a sponge that is as soft as it is firm.

White Bose 700 Soapstone Headphones

One of the things that stand out in this accessory is that it has four microphones that allow different functions all of them very useful. An example of what we say is that it is possible to answer calls or access the most current voice assistants (such as Google’s own or Alexa). But, there is more, with them it is possible to detect the ambient sound that you have around and in this way reduce it so that both the conversations and what you hear are always with the highest possible quality. That is, these are headphones that have active noise cancellation. And this is very positive, especially outside the home.

Spectacular autonomy in canceling Bose headphones

This is another of the sections that are usually thoroughly reviewed if the idea is to buy wireless headphones. The reason is that Bluetooth technology is used (as in this case, what specifically is version 5.0) and therefore it is necessary to pull the battery to be able to take advantage of it. On one charge, this device is capable of operating up to 20 hours without major volume restrictions. A quite impressive figure that practically ensures that you will have to look for a plug all day. By the way, this model has fast charge that in just 15 minutes it is capable of acquiring energy for three and a half hours.

The appearance of the Bose 700 Soapstone headphones

A price that is very striking

This is because right now you can take advantage of a 16% discount When buying the product we are talking about, therefore you save 61.01 euros … a quite remarkable amount for very complete wireless headphones. With the option to manage the reproductions without having to take the phone out of your pocket, we leave you below link that you have to use to make the purchase from home and without having to add absolutely nothing for the shipping costs, since these right now are non-existent.

If with all that we have said you are quite convinced that this is the accessory you want to buy, you should know that these Bose cancellation headphones have one more small detail that is important. An example is that they have headphone jack traditional so that you do not run out of use in the event that the battery is exhausted. In addition, the charging port that is included is very current, since we are talking about one USB type C. Without a doubt, this is an excellent purchase option.

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