Bose Bluetooth Headphones at a Big Discount and Free Shipping

The exact model that is being promoted is the Bose Soundlink II, which is one of the best options currently offered by this renowned manufacturer on the market (always talking about good quality headband headphones). Regarding the design offered by this device, it should be noted that this is quite attractive thanks to the mix of colors it has. In addition, its resistance is excellent, since high quality materials are used, which does not prevent the weight of the accessory from being below 250 grams. That is, you will not have to cut yourself when making long sessions of use.

Black Bose Bluetooth Headphones

In the connectivity section, the most striking thing is that these Bose Bluetooth headphones use technology wireless that avoids the use of cables, which makes freedom excellent and therefore an ideal device for when you leave home and, especially, if you have to take a long trip. This that we have commented, in addition, also has something additional positive: the compatibility offered is excellent, since you can use them with both laptops and smartphones (and with these without restrictions, since there is no difficulty when synchronizing them with iOS and Android).

Good sound quality

This is something that makes the accessory we are talking about different, since the definition and precision in the sound reproduction is very good. Excellent it would have to be said. The fact is that thanks to their 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnets the distortion is practically non-existent even at very high volume. Additionally, the frequency management is excellent, which allows these Bose Soundlink II to be a perfect option both for listening to music and for enjoying the dialogues of the series or games. Undoubtedly, it will not disappoint you.

Bose Soundlink II headphones black

Hot deal on these Bose Bluetooth headphones

The truth is that this is one of the things that make this device a great purchase option among all the similar headphones on the market. With a discount that stands at 51%, right now you save 105 euros when buying them from home, a figure that will undoubtedly make you seriously consider getting these high-quality wireless headphones. Also, if you take advantage of the link that we leave after this paragraph, you don’t have to pay anything for shipping costs for this accessory that includes a microphone for hands-free use.

Finally, we believe it is important to comment that you will not have problems in what has to do with autonomy, since with only one charge you can overcome the 15 hours of unlimited playback and restriction by volume. In addition, it includes elements that allow the management of options such as volume or passing audio tracks. Without a doubt, these Bose Bluetooth headphones are a great purchase option.

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