BMW creates a car that can change color with just one button


During CES 2022 BMW presented iX Flow, the first car that can change color with just one button

Despite all the cancellations by the Covid-19, started the CES 2022 with big announcements. Such was the case with Bmw who digitally presented the first car that can change color with just one button.

Its about iX Flow an electric truck that is capable of changing color like a chameleon. The company used a special ink called E Ink.

BMW iX Flow

It is not a new technology as it is available in electronic readers such as the Kindle. But Bmw He took it to another level and coated his car with microcapsules of this compound.

The microcapsules are reportedly the size of a human hair. In their positive part they are loaded with white pigments, while in the negative part they have black.

An electromagnetic field is the cause that in instants the bmw pickup can change color. The copy that the company showed could be modified from gray to black to suit the user.

“This technology is called electrophoretic coloring and, depending on the configuration chosen, it will cause the white or black pigments to accumulate on the surface of the microcapsule, giving the body the desired tone”

For now, the available colors are white, black and gray. Notably E-Ink It does not need any energy to keep the state of the chosen color constant, since the current only flows during the brief phase of change of tone.

BMW introduced iX Flow

The company pointed out that this function could be very useful to be more visible in situations where the road requires it, as well as to cool the interior of the car.

“The climate would intervene in the final color of the vehicle, since in heat it would be lighter, while in cold it would be darker, helping the vehicle to absorb heat from the sun at the same time”

For the moment Bmw He pointed out that its technology is in the testing phase, so it is unknown if it will be presented in the future, as it will still have to pass some safety regulations.

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