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Sony surprised its followers by launching its LinkBuds headphones, which come without noise cancellation and a very peculiar design

More and more companies are committed to launching new options for Bluetooth headphones. However this time Sony surprised his followers by presenting his LinkBuds.

They are headphones that have caught the attention of people because they have a very peculiar design. And they are shaped like a “doughnut”.

In accordance with Sonytheir LinkBuds They have an “open rim design,” which helps people always hear outside noise.

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This is a feature that has drawn a lot of attention, since in recent years companies have opted to present Bluetooth headphones with Noise Cancellation.

According to some reports the sony linkbuds they were designed so that transparency mode is always active. This means that the user will be able to hear the ambient noise at all times.

These headphones are fixed with the help of small silicone rings. In addition, the company has integrated what it calls “wide area touch”, which means that the LinkBuds are controlled by touching the section of skin in front of the ears and it is not necessary to touch the headphones.

Regarding its characteristics, sony linkbuds “They have 12mm ring-shaped drivers and integrate the same V1 processor as the WF-1000XM4, which allows for DSEE audio scaling and enhancement.”

The Sony LinkBuds offer an autonomy of up to 5.5 hours of continuous playback and more than 12 additional hours with the battery of the case.

sony linkbuds

Its charging is via USB-C. To be used outdoors, it has IPX4 sweat resistance protection, and they have support for Fast Pair on Android and Swift Pair on Windows 10/11.

The headphones sony linkbuds They are already available in gray and white colors for a price of 179 dollars. So far it is unknown if they will reach Mexico.

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