Blender 2.91 has already been released and these are its news

The Blender Foundation unveiled several days ago the launch of the new version of «Blender 2.91 ″.

And is that this new version 2.91, It is the fourth major release of the year 2020, Furthermore, in addition to highlighting that in addition to Unity Technologies, NVIDIA and Ubisoft, it is Facebook’s turn to join the Blender Development Fund.

Main news in Blender 2.91

In this new version of Blender 2.91 work has been done to provide a better overview and search. And it is that now the collections can now be shown in different colors in the scheme. The eyeliner collects the elements used in the project. There you can view and select data types such as modifiers and shaders.

A refined context menu in the outline shows the modification operations. Orphan data, such as meshes with no associated objects, can now be dragged into the graphics window to create a new object instance. Modifiers, constraints, and grease pencil effects can be arranged in the Outline using drag and drop.

The “Property Editor” has been assigned a search function which automatically folds and hides properties and panels so that only search results are visible. Tabs where the search term does not appear will be grayed out. Search now works on all screens with some tolerance for typos.

Another of the changes that stands out is in Boolean operations that can be used to cut or combine objects together. With the point, edge, and surface data structures used in computer graphics, this is a complex and error-prone task, especially when the meshes overlap.

The “Exact” option in the Boolean Modifier can handle overlapping and coplanar geometry. With the new “Self” option, the problem of self-overlapping geometry should be a thing of the past.

In addition, we can find that the animation has been improved, since the animation curve (curve F). Even faster changes can now be smoothly reproduced while reducing the number of keyframes required.

Too It is denied that the tool (“Knife”) has been improved, particularly in the handling of overlapping geometries.

The Ocean effect can now be configured differently between working view and final rendering, to improve performance, particularly using low resolution when editing the scene.

On the other hand, updates were made on sculpting tools– Added collisions when sculpting clothes on a model, added a plasticity property for soft fabrics, added a gesture system to trigger operations on your model, deletion and addition on geometry with lasso gestures, new filters to deform fabrics ).

As well as updates to «Grease Pencil»: a tool to convert a model to «Grease Pencil», a tool to fill the holes, an operator to convert an eraser into a 3D model, (mainly works with black and white erasers) , new operators.

Of the other changes that stand out of this new version:

  • improved surface subdivision algorithm
  • personality profile support for curved bezels
  • Improved search by adding a search bar to find a specific property of an object. Also, the search is now less strict and can give results even if you make typos
  • adding color for collections
  • new volume modifiers (to convert volumes to a model and vice versa, to add a scrolling effect to a volume, from a texture)
  • added scrub tool to refine the sculpture.
  • Alembic file management improvements.
  • improved loading time for large files.
  • performance improvements in the image editor.

How to install Blender 2.91 in Ubuntu and derivatives?

For those who are interested in being able to install this new version of Blender, they can do it from its Snap package.

For the installation, it is enough to have the Snap support in the system and in a terminal type the command:

sudo snap install blender --classic

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