BlackBerry sells its telephony and messaging patents


One month after its exit from the market became official, BlackBerry sells its telephony and messaging patents for 600 million dollars

At the end of 2021 blackberry surprised his followers by announcing that his old phones with BlackBerry OS operating systems Y BlackBerry 10they would stop working.

However, it seems that the company would be saying goodbye to the market forever by selling its telephony and messaging patents.


According to Reuters blackberry plans to get rid of its old patents related to “mobile devices, BBM (instant messaging) and wireless networks.

The report highlights that the company already has a buyer for its package, it is Catapult IP Innovations Inc.

Although it was not specified number of patentsthe outlet noted that the company will get $600 million for its technology.

“According to the terms of the transaction, the company will receive 450 million in cash, plus a promissory note for the remaining 150 million”

Despite this movement, it was revealed that the sale of the patents will not have any impact on the products or services of blackberry that some users still have.

It should be remembered that BlackBerry has decided to focus on its software and cybersecurity, in recent years it has provided its services to various companies, particularly the automotive industry.


The New York Times reported that the company had already stopped making its own smart devices six years ago.

With the technological advance of Manzana, Samsung and even huaweithe company began to lose strength and popularity in the mobile market.

Its recorded revenue for its fiscal year 2021 barely reached $893 million. Therefore, the sale of its patents is a step towards freeing itself from a technology in which it is no longer going to be developed.

“BlackBerry dominated 43% of the US marketshare in 2010, while at the beginning of 2016 it only had 0.8% left”

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