BlackBerry says goodbye! These are the computers that stop working

Surprisingly, BlackBerry announced that as of January 4 its classic phones will stop working

As of this January 4 the classic blackberry phones they will stop working. The company will no longer support devices with BlackBerry 10, 7.1 OS, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 and earlier.

In other words, those company teams that do not have Android They will no longer be usable and the fact is that users will not be able to “use data, send text messages, access the internet or make calls, not even emergency calls.”

BlackBerry enterprise

It should be noted that the latest version of the operating system of BlackBerry was launched in 2013. Later the company tried to continue competing by licensing the brand to TCL which released some devices based on Android, until 2020.

Austin, Texas-based security startup OnwardMobility also released a 5G Blackberry device that runs on Android software, but it didn’t have the expected success.

Despite the company’s efforts to stay in the market for cell phone, will finally say goodbye in 2022.

“Applications such as BlackBerry Link, BlackBerry Desktop Manager, BlackBerry World, BlackBerry Protect, BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Blend will be limited”

Since September 2020 the company announced its intentions to abandon its mobile market, to focus on BlackBerry Limited, your service for supplying security software and services to companies and governments around the world.

“We are known for the safe and smart phones that changed the world and the way we work. Today, we are reinventing protection, again, with artificial intelligence and machine learning “

Goodbye to a legend

With the decision of BlackBerry it marks the end of an era that saw a huge influx in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

BlackBerry goodbye

At the time, the company’s devices were a status symbol, thanks in part to their great reputation for security. At its peak, in 2012, BlackBerry had more than 80 million active users.

However the pressure of iPhone with its touchscreens without a physical keyboard and the popularity of phones with the Android operating system from Google rapidly reduced sales of BlackBerry phones.

BlackBerry has been out of the phone business since 2016.

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