Big screen Samsung 4K smart TV discounted at an unbeatable price

The specific model is the Samsung 55TU8505, which has as one of its greats to use a Crystal type panel that ensures excellent definition in all types of situations and that colors are displayed with a wide chromatic range, which allows this model to be compatible with HDR10 +. Besides, and we believe that this is quite important, it should be noted that the television we are talking about uses technology Dual LED, which ensures a perfect automatic adjustment when displaying any image, since it is capable of adjusting all the necessary parameters for it.

4K Smart TV Samsung 55TU8505

As this Samsung 4K Smart TV is a TV that is considered to have a large screen on its panel, they are 55 inch, you will also be sure that you can use it in combination with the most current consoles, since its resolution allows it and, in addition, it has a mode called Game Enhancer that optimizes the change of the images shown on the screen, which is very positive when it comes to obtaining an adequate fluidity in the actions. Ideal, therefore, so as not to lose any detail in the games you play at home

Good discount for this Samsung 4K Smart TV

Right now you can take advantage of an offer that allows you to save 12% of the price that you would normally have to pay to get it from home, so it remains at only 639 euros what you have to pay so as not to lose the opportunity we are talking about. Without having to pay nothing for shipping costs And taking into account that this is a television compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, we leave you the link to use to be able to make the purchase from anywhere with excellent reliability. It is as follows:

Good operating system on this TV

This is currently a very important detail in televisions, since if adequate software is not included, it is possible that you will not be able to access the content offered by streaming video platforms. Well, this will not happen to you with the Samsung 55TU8505, since inside it has Tizen, a proprietary development that is one of the most advanced that exists today. So much so, that you can install all kinds of apps to personalize your device, including some simple games that can always come in handy. By the way, the dimensions of the product are as follows: 1,230.1 x 793 x 340.4 mm with its base.

Side of the Samsung 55TU8505 4K Smart TV

Without problems in what has to do with connectivity, since for example to access the Internet it has Ethernet and WiFiIt should be noted that they also include such useful options as 3 HDMI ports or optical digital audio output. One detail that we think is interesting to comment on is that the output power of the stereo speakers that are included in this Samsung 4K Smart TV is 20 W and it also has support for DTS technology.

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