Big Discount on the LG CineBeam PF50KS Projector

There are many aspects that we have to take into account before getting a projector. However, being compact is something that gives a lot of play, since we can take the cinema anywhere or present work, because this LG device fits in a medium-sized backpack.

LG CineBeam PF50KS, 100-inch FullHD screen

When we think of a projector, a rough and heavy device may come to mind, but nothing could be further from the truth. The LG CineBeam PF50KS It is a compact device that allows you to take it anywhere in a bag or backpack and also has a built-in battery of 2.5 hours of autonomy. This projector can be placed only 1.24m from the wall and will offer us a 40-inch screen. In addition, it has LED technology, which reproduces vivid and true colors and it can last up to 30,000 hours. This means that if we watched videos for 8 hours a day, we could use it for 10 years in a row.

lg beam projector

It is the first projector in LG’s Minibeam series, which reproduces in FullHD quality, offering crisp and vivid colors outperforming conventional HD projectors. It has an automatic keystone adjustment to calibrate and correct image distortion in seconds to ensure optimal viewing. The good news is that it has a webOS 3.5 operating system, which means that the user will have at their disposal a huge number of applications, including the most popular ones such as HBO, Netflix or Prime Video.

wireless networks

Although we are talking about a projector and we know that the size that we will see will be considerable, we must detail that we can have a screen of up to 100 inches. In addition, it has a USB port to play directly from a pendrive or external hard drive and is capable of running Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word files. If the contents are on our smartphone, we can pair it with the projector via bluetooth and with other types of devices such as audio sources. The objective is that the cables are conspicuous by their absence and prevail over wireless connectivity.

LG CineBeam PF50KS

Now with good discount

The above is attractive enough to set your eye on this projector. However, the final push may be in price, as we can now buy it on Amazon for 449 euros. We are therefore facing a discount of 50 euros, since its usual price is 499 euros. In addition, Amazon Prime customers can choose to pay it in installments, as long as the request is approved with the collaborating financial institution. What we know is for how long this offer will be available, so you better hurry if you are evaluating your purchase positively.

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