Big Discount on Amazon for the TCL MTRO200BT Headphones

Wireless headphones are the most comfortable way to listen to music or watch movies. Not being tied by cables is something that many appreciate, but in that case, we must choose headphones that do not waver in sound quality and autonomy. For this reason, we have seen more than interesting the offer that they have right now on Amazon these TCL MTRO200BT, which we can buy at half price.

In the world of wireless headphones, we can make very different payouts. However, if we are looking for something cheap, to listen to music on a day-to-day basis and that has a good quality / price ratio, you may be in front of the product you were looking for. TCL has us used to offering this good relationship in products such as mobiles, tablets and images, but sound is also one of its strengths.

red headphones TCL MTRO200BT

Good sound and better autonomy

The TCL MTRO200BTs have an aerodynamic design and although plastic predominates in their construction, this is of good quality and they feel premium from the first moment. They combine a closed acoustic system with a 32mm audio driver, so They offer rich bass that eliminates the noises of the big city. It has soft pads for greater comfort on long days with them on. Its earmuffs are adjustable and the headband adapts perfectly to ears of all shapes and sizes. This is necessary if we are going to spend a lot of time listening to music, playing video games or watching a movie.

Their wireless connection is possible thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 technology so they can be easily paired with a device such as a mobile, tablet, TV or PC and achieve fast transmission speeds. Another of its strengths is the battery, which promises up to 20 hours of autonomy. In addition, they can be fully charged in just 3 hours and 15 minutes thanks to their fast charge. How could it be otherwise, these headphones allow us to control mobile calls, the volume and the songs we are listening to and have technology that allows us to have clear and quality conversations even when the environment is noisy.

gray TCL MTRO200BT headphones

At a price not to think about

The TCL MTRO200BT have an official price of 39.99 euros, which is just as we find them on the official website of the firm. However, taking a look at Amazon we see that we can get these helmets in red for only 20.40 euros. We are facing a reduction of almost 20 euros on the usual cost, that is, they can be ours at half price. As we say, the offer with this low price is valid for the red version, but other colors such as blue or white are also discounted at this time. Plus, shipping is free for Amazon Prime customers. What is clear is that this offer will not last forever and it is likely that it will soon return to its usual price. This means that if we are looking for a good price and quality headphones, it may be the best option.

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