Big discount for the Polar Loop2 smartband at Amazon

Within the universe of smartbands, we can choose from a large number of brands and models. Polar is one of those firms that specialize in applying technology to gadgets designed for sports such as smartwatches or smartbands. The protagonist of this offer is the Polar Loop 2, a complete activity bracelet.

Polar Loop2

Recording physical activity

This smart bracelet will help us get the extra motivation we need thanks to its advice and personalized guidance. At the push of a button, the Loop 2 shows the time, the steps we have taken, the calories burned, the daily activity goal and how to achieve it. The Loop 2 also alerts us with vibration alerts in case you have been sitting for more than 55 minutes without exercising. This is the classic sedentary alert, which seeks, for example, that teleworkers get up from time to time and take a short walk before returning to their tasks, something recommended by all doctors.

The bracelet can measure our activity in five intensity levels and record the quality of sleep. It also displays phone notifications and features one with an adjustable silicone strap. By being able to record five levels of activity, will show us the difference between walking and running, which provides a more complete view of our daily activity. It also has a function called EnergyPointer that lets you know if the main effect of your training is burning fat or improving your physical fitness.

Polar Loop2

To know our progress, we will receive results on our daily activity levels, weekly and monthly and we can see the benefits of it on health. It also shows our activity during it tells us how to achieve the daily activity goal. The bracelet can be synchronized with Android and iOS mobiles, with an application in which we can see all the progress and that can be downloaded from both Google Play and the App Store.

At a crazy price

Polar smart wristbands are very popular with sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Keep in mind that the Loop 2 has an official price of 89.90 euros, but right now appears on Amazon at a price of 25.40 euros. It is the lowest price seen so far for this smartband, so it is an occasion that cannot be missed. We are talking about a saving of 64.50 euros or what is the same, a 72% discount. What we cannot know is how long it will be available at this price, so it is preferable to hurry before it runs out or returns to its usual cost.

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