Big discount for the Cecotec WinDroid 970 robot glass cleaner

Glass, tiles, partitions and walls always clean

The truth is that window cleaning is quite a tedious job, not to mention if we have large windows in our home or office. However, it is something that we can forget if we have a window cleaning robot like this Cecotec. It is a device with smart navigation capable of detecting the limits of the surface to be cleaned and offering a perfect cleaning result. cecotec windroid 970 mop

All this without this involving an effort for us, since all we will have to do is change it from one window to another and let the robot do all the cleaning. This Cecotec WinDroid 970 has iTech Win 4.0 technology, which gives it smart navigation and the ability to calculate the ideal route for cleaning as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Its design means that it can reach the last corner of our windows, edges or corners and the result is perfect. To do this, it has a mop that performs a constant back and forth movement while rubbing the glass intensely. This allows you to deliver a professional result. without this being an effort for us.

The cleaning of this Cecotec WinDroid 970 is divided into 5 stages, the first one is in which it moistens the area to be cleaned, while later it removes any dirt, drains, rubs and dries. It also offers five automatic cleaning modes and, of course, has a comprehensive safety system that prevents the robot window cleaner from falling over, even in the event of a power failure. And it is that it has an advanced anti-fall control algorithm and several vacuum control sensors.

As soon as the window cleaning robot detects that it has cleaned the entire surface, perform an automatic stop and we will know that it has finished. Allows cleaning of glass, partitions, tiles, walls and other smooth surfaces.

Offer for the Cecotec WinDroid 970 window cleaning robot

The price of this Cecotec WinDroid 970 window cleaning robot is 229 euros, but thanks to the offer that we find at the moment on Amazon, we can buy it with almost a 15% discount. This represents a discount of more than 30 euros, leaving your final price in 199 euros. A price that makes it one of the most interesting window cleaning robots for less than 200 euros.

cecotec windroid 970

Although right now Amazon does not have units available for immediate shipment, it is possible to place the order to take advantage of the offer, since the window cleaning robot will be shipped from June 23. Therefore, the wait is worth it.

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