Best Smart home devices in 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought a great deal of convenience and elegance to many modern homes. With beautiful ornate light fixtures that change their light settings using voice commands, or hidden cameras guarding your property, there is so much that the modern smart homes bring to real-life from mere fantasy.

Presently, more than 90% of homes in America use some smart device variants. You can relish in the feeling of the most well-lived life using present-day technology. In fact, intelligent devices can save you about $2,000 every year that you would otherwise lose to energy bills!

Though smart home devices are actually quite brilliant, good looks don’t hurt either, right? These devices add a beautiful, fashionable touch of convenience or ambiance to your home. Hence, here is a list of the most ingenious, smart home devices that will up the oomph factor of your living space.

Smart blinds

Manually opening or closing your blinds is a chore of the past. Now all you need is motorized blinds that can be accessed from anywhere or automated for automatic open and close every day.

Get easy smart blinds with ZebraBlinds and their electric blackout blinds. The blinds are a perfect option for when you want to relax after a tiring and exhausting day (especially for your eyes) and relax with a sense of security. Blackout blinds help reduce heat from sunlight and add insulation to your windows while providing UV protection to your furniture and family! You can choose from a vast collection of electric blackout blinds as per what goes best with your home décor.

To enhance these shades’ elegance, add an ornate steel and glass table to the space near your blinds and place a few white statement pieces. You can add white backed books, white pebbled plant pots, a sleek white clock, or any other go-to white device. The contrast sets an enigmatic look for your home.

Smart sensor cameras

Smart sensor cameras are the absolute fit for indoor security for homes and offices. They come in various sizes, shapes, and even differ in technologies. The sensor senses activity in your home and helps you know while you are on the go. It comes with easy wifi connectivity.

Sensor cameras come in different finishes. Be it metallic, glossy, matte, you can always find a camera that fits your decor. In fact, several companies build cameras that can be customized for your home. It will be good for your security camera to not stand out like a sore thumb and blend into your home. Place your security camera in the midst of statement showpieces, potted plants, and frames for the perfect smart look.

Home lighting

There is nothing that can lighten up your home as beautifully as, well, good lights. You can choose smart chandeliers, light fixtures, energy-saving connected bulbs, and everything in between. Choose different light settings throughout your home and even different colored lightings for your classic fairytale house.

Smart lighting is an optimal energy-saving solution. These also work in accordance with the illumination you require throughout the day and adjust as daylight descends or upon the oncoming of different weather conditions.

Mood lights, another option for smart lights, set up the perfect setting for parties, dinners, formal events, romantic dates, or solo movie marathon nights. The technology of the future might bring forward lighting solutions that act therapeutically for different psychological conditions.

Use your smart lights as per the requirements of the event and impress!

Smart mirrors

Elegant, ornate, or adorned mirrors are presently one of the hottest looks for houses. In fact, the mirror and glasswork is an essential element of the modern interior and exterior decor. You might have come across rooms with a vast array of mirrors or mirror art galleries and would have totally loved the look.

Well, you can go a step further and get yourself the ultimate mirror decor item, a smart mirror! Smart mirrors have a combination of features such as voice command, USB ports, HDMI ports, built-in LED lights, and HD display. They come with a smart and sleek touch screen.

A smart mirror is an object that is bound to draw the attention of all your visitors. You can use it as your vanity mirror or display it beautifully in your living space. You can also show your most cherished pictures on your smart mirror! Showcase pictures that are dear to you or portray art masterpieces that you love.


Now is the time to explore the beauty potential of your smart automation devices such as smart home hubs, thermostat controller, video doorbells, etc.

Simply put, every brilliant piece of your technology is a decor element, and if you treat it as such, you can completely transform your home.

Choose ornamented vases or flowers to go along with your smart speaker. Add a statement piece of home decor near your router or wifi modem. Adorn your video doorbell along with some pastel outdoor flowers and plants.

Have fun with technology and make it look good. There is no limit to the decor you can accomplish if you put your mind to it!

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