Best sleeves for compact laptops

Many people go out every day with their laptop under their arm because they need it to work or study. In this case, most opt ​​for compact equipment of reduced dimensions and weight so that its transport is easy and comfortable. In this case, it is possible to have a cover to protect our equipment from any fall, shock or damage that may cause other objects if we keep it in a backpack or purse. In this way, we can carry them more safely even without using other accessories or bags.

When choosing a model, the most important aspects to take into account are the material with which the cover is made, its design, resistance and whether it offers a certain level of waterproofing. The budget we have is also important, but the truth is that we can find high quality covers at a very affordable price. Here are some interesting models for 13 or 14-inch compact laptops.

Covers to protect your laptop

Rigid Smatree case

Rigid 13-inch laptop sleeve that offers great protection against all kinds of accidental bumps or drops. The interior is very padded and the closure is by zip. It has internal dimensions of 32.5 x 23 x 2 cm, so we must check the measurements of our equipment to be sure that it fits perfectly.

Smatree cover

From the same manufacturer as the previous model we find this other cover. It offers excellent protection against all kinds of scratches, bumps or accidents. It has an inner pocket with a soft lining, while the outer pocket is rigid for greater protection. The interior dimensions are 32.5 x 23 x 2.5 cm and it is quite light.

Voova case

With a modern design, this 13-inch laptop sleeve offers liquid protection. That is, it is made of a waterproof material that prevents our computer from getting wet from the rain or if something is spilled near it. It is available in several colors and has a vertical handle to make it easy to carry or remove from the backpack. It has three-layer protection and additional pockets to carry accessories.

UGREEN cover

It is another model of compact waterproof laptop sleeve, so it allows us to carry our equipment completely protected from bumps, scratches or even rain. It is made of synthetic leather with a secure zip closure and has a modern and elegant design. It is only 20 mm thick and weighs 153 grams. The dimensions are 33 x 24 cm, so it is more than enough to accommodate any compact laptop between 13 and 14 inches.

Arvok case

This Arvok cover is made of water resistant diamond-shaped lycra. Its interior measurements are 34.3 x 24.1 x 1 cm, so it offers great compatibility to accommodate laptops between 13 and 14 inches. The outer layer offers resistance to water and liquids and features an easy-open zipper.

Aucase case

This time, it is a 6mm thick, waterproof neoprene sleeve. A model that offers great protection against different meteorological agents, scratches, bumps or spillage of any liquid. It has a slim design with a safety zipper and is available in various colors and patterns so that everyone can choose the one they like best.

TECOOL cover

For those looking for something more elegant, this TECOOL case is made of leather and is waterproof. Available in various colors and offers a flap so that we can use the computer on the cover itself and even serve as a mouse pad. It has interior dimensions of 31 x 24.4 cm, which is ideal for many computer models between 13 and 14 inches.

DOMISO cover

With more generous dimensions we find this DOMISO cover. A model for 14-inch computers that has a USB charging port. Made of high-quality fabric and numerous pockets to carry all kinds of cables and accessories, this case has a vertical handle and strap or shoulder strap to carry a bag.

AmazonBasics Case

The interior dimensions of this sleeve are 12 “x 8” x 1.8 cm, so it is intended for laptops up to approximately 13 inches. It is an AmazonBasics product with a zipper at the top and made of neoprene to offer good protection to our equipment against bumps, dirt, scratches or any accident.

Ivencase cover

This ivencase model is available in black and pink at the same price. It is a sleeve for compact laptops with interior dimensions of 34.92 x 25.01 x 1.9 cm. Slim and light design with double zipper that offers protection against scratches, bumps and other damages to our notebook when we have to carry it all day from one place to another. It has a weight of only 120 grams.

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