Best Gameboy Advance Emulators – Popular GBA May 2020

You are here, looking for the best Gameboy Advance Emulators. So definitely know what a GBA is. A Gameboy is Nintendo manufactured portable handheld released in 1989. For most of the computer game players, Gameboy was the games solace of their exciting childhood. Initially, it featured a 2.6″ 4-shade LCD, stereo sound through headphones, and interchangeable cartridges. Gameboy has the weight and mien of a brick and the cartridges were vast, but the sight of the Nintendo logo slowly dropping down to the middle of the screen as the game took forever to load is an evocative and cherished memory. Smart and excellent marketing made Gameboy popular of its era. Even in 2018, serves as the platform for game players.

Gameboy Advance

Check out our Favorite Gameboy Advance Games

#1 The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Link’s Awakening is the fourth main installment of Legend of Zelda series and since its release, it has been popular among fans and critics. Link’s awakening is nothing short of a revelation and the visuals and sound system of the game naturally took a hit among the users. The game is packed with dungeons, secrets, and characters that can excite any game players. With the help of Link’s awakening, it was categorically proved that Gameboy could rival comfort when it comes to delivering escapade with a heroic scope. Later on, improved color and graphics were added to the content and was remastered. No matter what version you play, this game simply is a pocket-sized pursuit which can astonish any game lovers.

A high-seas voyage takes a menacing turn when Link’s ship is destroyed by a heavy storm, and he washes ashore on the mysterious island of Koholint. The only hope he has of returning home depends on awakening the mythical Wind Fish, who slumbers within a huge egg atop the island’s peak. Now, who is the wind wish? what will happen if link awakes it? Play the intrepid game to feel it!

#2 CastleVania 2: Belmont’s Revenge

Konami’s Castlevania series had a great impact on gaming community on 90’s and it was one of gaming’s premier franchises following some astonishing outings on the SNES and NES. Belmont’s revenge released in 1991 was better and tighter than its antecedent launched in 1989. You must give credits to the best action platforms in the console. The music of the game which comes out from Gameboy mono speaker can excite any game players proving that the most simple audio output can deliver amazing and powerful decibels.

You play as Christopher Belmont who fights wholeheartedly to rescue his son, Soleiyu Belmont who is kidnapped by Dracula. The game also has got a level selecting feature which implies one can play the first four levels in any order. Throw holy water on the ground, make the room lit and help Belmont to extricate his son from threatening Dracula.

#3 Metroid 2

The first Metroid on the NES secured a substantial support worldwide and this follow-up didn’t dismay in gameplay terms, in spite of not having a full-colour display; Metroid offered another sprawling science fiction action, adventurous  in which Samus Aran does battle with the fiendish space pirates, aiming to eliminate the Metroid creatures before they can fall into the wrong hands. Redone graphics and music, a map system, and new areas and minibosses are the astonishing new features in AM2R when comparing with its predecessor. The controls are made less ‘floaty’ when collating with other titles.

Samus Aran tries to eradicate Metroid creatures from his planet SR388 before the antagonist space pirates obtain and use them again. Samus Aran fights with Metroids in different stages of their evolution cycle, ranging in forms from small jellyfish-like creatures to huge, floating, reptilian beasts. Let try and save your planet!

Why is Gameboy console the best?

They are more like a little grey token of promise, very beautiful with the structure and even have their own cute plastic carrying case. The branded stripe on the left-hand side of that shiny cardboard game box chills users to a great extent. The simple set of D-pad big buttons ask you to press it for the whole day. Moreover, if you have a game link cable, it can allow you to connect with other Gameboy and hence multiplayer feature is activated. And when we compare Gameboy with the counterpart game gear, it offered much battery backup than the latter but the graphics of the former doesn’t sound good.

Moreover, Gameboy games remind childhood. Personally, I remember playing Mario game with my childhood friends long back ago. I wish I can go to my childhood to collect these memories again. So Gameboy game nostalgia has to be one of the most powerful emotions even after 15 years of my childhood.

Best Gameboy Advance emulator for Android

I think people love more to get Gameboy Advance (GBA) emulators for Android than for PC. So I have picked the best three from the market that can be amazing and full-featured for Android users.

#1 My Boy!- GBA Emulator

I think this is the best option for Android users as this useful emulator easily manages to emulate everything as if it were the real console. One can play all GBA games very easily with the help of the same. The app can replicate games almost up to 60 FPS with good compatibility rates on a medium-end device. The customization option is really interesting and one can change the layout, size, transparency, and selection of on-screen buttons. If you are into hardware functions, to be honest, there is IME control support and note that hardware controls are always fantastic than on-screen buttons.

My Boy app costs almost around $5, which is little high but features delivered have no compromise but note that the app also has free versions with little fewer features than the paid format. In the free version, you have no access to the Link connectivity, to use multiple cheat codes or to speed up gameplay. It has got a rating of 4.6 on google play store.

Download MyBoy Emulator

#2 John GBA

John GBA is yet another pick from the list which is a simple and very much amazing emulator for Android platform. It allows every user to access cheat codes, save/load states and the app has got a high-quality rendering. one can search files in SD card and internal storage. Additionally, users can have zipped file support and virtual on-screen keypads. The customizable keys, turbo buttons, and the screenshot feature can excite any game players. You also have the ability for Bluetooth, fast forward/slow down option and MOGA controller support.

For a paid version, it lacks ad display when in comparison with free service, rest all features remain intact. The app costs almost $1 and the hardware requirements include 1 GB RAM and 1 GHz dual-core CPU. The rating is almost around 4.2 on google play store.

Download John GBA

#3 MyGBA- Gameboid Emulator for free

MyGBA is the fully modified version of open Gameboid source code and you can put all your GBA titles on your storage and fire up MyGBA emulator to play all those interesting games of your kind. The app does not come with ROMS and you must have the right to given ROM before you play it.  Please note that ROMs must be in .gba, optionally in .zip files.The emulator does not give you the ability to use cheat codes from within the emulator, which means that you have to play games without using any cheats at all. Additionally, it allows users to load and save your game states from anywhere within the game.

The app is running out in Google Play store for free with almost around a rating of 4 stars. Just give it a try.

Download MyGBA

Hope you have noted down the Best Gameboy Advance Emulators for Android. Don’t worry if you don’t have an Android device for running GBA games.  We will back with the best GBA for both Windows and Mac soon. Also if you have any other better GBA emulators in your favorite list, please comment it below. It may help thousands of game lovers looking to this post.

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