BenQ gaming monitor with a great offer for 96 euros less

The model in question is the BenQ EX2780Q, which has among its great virtues having a screen of nothing less than 27 inches and that, therefore, allows you to enjoy in a very wide way all the contents that it shows, whether it is a simple game or the most complete and powerful one that uses three-dimensional graphics. By the way, your panel is type IPS LED with a 16: 9 ratio, so it fits perfectly with all kinds of titles, since there will be no problem when it comes to image distortion, which is especially due to its high resolution: 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

BenQ EX2780Q gaming monitor

Some of the details that must be taken into account from the gaming monitor and that make it very suitable now to use it with games (either on consoles or on the computer), are the following: its update frequency reaches the 144 Hz, so the fluidity of the images is excellent which results in a good user experience. Here it should also be noted that the response time is low, which is also quite positive. In addition, thanks to the technology Color Vibrance an excellent representation is achieved so that you can always see perfectly both the shadows and the places that are very dark … ideal so that the enemies do not go unnoticed.

Connectivity that covers all needs

This is also another section where the BenQ EX2780Q monitor we are talking about stands out without a doubt. An example of the excellent possibilities that you are going to get is that there is no lack of connectivity HDMI; DisplayPort; and even DVI. Besides, and this is quite important, it is possible to take advantage of a port USB type C to always get the most out of new computers, including those that are portable. It should be noted here that thanks to the aforementioned interfaces technology is used HDRi, which allows you to intelligently and automatically adjust all the details that should be displayed on the screen so that you never miss anything.

Using the BenQ EX2780Q monitor

A discount that is excellent on this gaming monitor

Well, without a doubt, it is one of the options that we have to recommend, since right now you can get this model on Amazon with a 19% savings, so you stop paying 96 euros which is quite a considerable figure for a 27-inch gaming monitor. With integrated 2.1 speakers (so it includes its buffer of no less than 5 W), we leave the link that you have to use so as not to miss the opportunity to get this product and, in addition, you should know that in the case of having a Prime account you will not have to pay nothing for shipping and it will be done in just one day.

Finally, we believe that you should take into account the high compatibility this accessory offers, since you will not have any problem connecting it to a computer and also at most current consoles (such as PS5 and Xbox X). For this, it has very important technologies such as FreeSync or the 120 Hz support that is currently considered almost essential.

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