Beats sports headphones on sale now with 85 euros discount

The model we are talking about uses technology Bluetooth to communicate with sound sources. This is the current standard, and allows among other things that the compatibility of the PowerBeats 3 both with iOS terminals and those that use Android. Regarding the design, this accessory is one of the models that has a cable that is placed behind the neck to ensure that they do not get lost, and thanks to an additional element that is placed around the ear, the firm hold it has is excellent. Besides, their weight is below 200 grams, so you hardly notice that they are being worn.

White PowerBeats 3 headphones

Something that is important in products of this type is that they offer good autonomy, since otherwise the user experience that is achieved is quite poor. Luckily, these sports Beats headphones are well prepared in this section. Nothing less than 12 hours with just one charge it is possible to use them without having many restrictions with the volume. This means that you can train without any fear of missing out on music at the most inopportune moment. Charging is done through a USB port, so there is no difficulty.

Sound quality of these sports Beats headphones

Apart from offering options such as aptX so that wireless communications are stable, something in which it helps that the chip is included inside Apple W1 (which is also effective for everything that has to do with the aforementioned autonomy), it should be noted that the PowerBeats 3 allow a fairly precise work with frequencies ranging from 40 at 20,000 Hz, so they are completely valid for both listening to classical music and techno. In other words, its flexibility is excellent when it comes to reproductions.

Gripping element of the PowerBeats 3

Offer not to be missed for the PowerBeats 3

There is currently in the eBay store a 38% discount, which represents a saving of 85.36 euros compared to the price that these helmets usually have. A good detail about these sports headphones is that they offer resistance to water and sweat, so you will not have to worry about this when you go out to do any type of physical activity. Without having to pay nothing for shipping costs, we leave the link that you must use to get them quietly from home:

Finally, it should be noted that these sports Beats headphones include microphone to be able to answer calls without interrupting the training session in the gym, which is always a good thing. The fact is that thanks to the existing discount, the purchase of this accessory is an excellent opportunity.

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