Bases and supports to have the PS4, controllers and games always placed

The truth is that we have made a selection with very interesting models and with a price within reach of all pockets, less than 40 euros. In this way, for a small price, we can have our console, controllers and games properly ordered. In addition, most models have a cooling system for avoid any damage to the game console, charging bases for controllers or special support for our favorite games.

These are precisely the characteristics that we must look at when choosing one model or another, giving priority to those that meet our needs. Of course, all this will influence the final price of the support or base for our PS4.

Supports for your PS4 game console


Base or vertical support for PS4 compatible with PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim and cooling system with two fans for heat dispersion. It also has smart charging stations for controls and protection against overcharging or repeated charging. It is able to stop charging when it detects that they have been fully charged and will not start charging unless it detects that the battery is below 70%. It also has LED indicators to indicate the status of the charge and space for 12 games.


Vertical support for PS4 and also compatible with the Slim and Pro versions. It has three 5000RPM fans for optimal cooling of the game console, space to place 12 games in an orderly way and charger for the controllers. It has a non-slip EVA rubber pad to prevent scratches and is made of environmentally friendly material.


This vertical stand or base is also compatible with PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro and has three high-speed fans to prevent the console from getting hot when we have been playing for many hours. It has two charging stations for the controllers that allow both controllers to be charged when we are not using them simultaneously, space to place up to 12 games in an orderly manner and a non-slip pad on the base to avoid slipping and scratches.


This vertical stand for PS4 is quite complete. It has a cooling system with two very silent fans, charging stations for controllers, slots for storing up to 9 games and support for VR glasses. It also has additional USB ports to charge other devices and is compatible with PS4, PS4 alim and PS4 Pro.


Vertical support from the manufacturer Buluri for the Sony console and compatible with the Pro and Slim versions of PS4. It has two fans for very effective cooling and heat dissipation despite the fact that we spend a lot of hours playing, with the aim of avoiding any type of damage to the console and guaranteeing its best performance. It has a charging station for the controls, space to store up to 10 games in an organized way and a fairly light design with a non-slip base.


This vertical support model from Keten also has silent fans to prevent the console from heating up when we use it for many hours at a time, charging ports for two controllers and slots to organize and place up to 14 games. It has two non-slip caps or covers to keep the stand securely in place and prevent the console from falling.


This vertical support for PS4 from Zacro has a cooling and heat dissipation system with very quiet fans, it has 16 slots for organizing our games and two charging stands for the controllers. It also has two charging status LEDs and an EVA non-slip base to prevent the base from slipping and the PS4 from falling. Compatible with PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.


Vertical base for PlayStation 4 with two fans that are responsible for cooling the console and dissipating heat to avoid any overheating. It has additional USB ports for charging other devices, two charging bases for controllers and an LED indicator for charging status. In this case, it is only compatible with PS4 and not compatible with the Slim or Pro versions. It has four non-slip rubber feet to make the stand as secure as possible.


Vertical support for PS4 and PS4 Slim with two fans to prevent our game console from overheating when we are playing for a long time and a charging base to always have the controllers charged when we want to start playing. It has three additional USB ports to charge or connect other devices and it has a slim and compact design. It does not include a slot for games and is not compatible with the Pro version of the Sony game console.


For those looking for a simple and basic PS4 stand, this LeSB model is ideal. It is a base for the Slim version of PS4 made of resistant and durable plastic with a grid in the central part that allows the console itself to breathe and have ventilation while we use it. It has two non-slip rubber supports to hold the console and prevent any fall. It does not require adhesive tape or any type of screw to secure the console to the support.

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