Bart as an Avenger? The Simpsons and Marvel will have a crossover!

In 2019 it was confirmed that Disney acquired the rights to FOX, obtaining great productions, such as the films of X-Men, Fantastic 4, Deadpool and classic series like The Simpson.

Thanks to this it is that all these films and series, including franchises such as Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar, we can enjoy them through the platform Disney +. Not to mention that Disney has dozens of projects planned between them, for example, a crossover Come in The Simpson and the superheroes of Marvel.

The Simpsons disguised as the Avengers, Avengers: Endgame version - Blog Hola Telcel

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The Simpson and Marvel in the same universe

In an interview with Reverse, the executive producer of The Simpson, Michael Price, mentioned that a special chapter in short film format is possible, where the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the humor of the most famous yellow family on television.

“They don’t really give us notes on what we should or shouldn’t talk about, and I don’t think we’re making more Disney references than before, but we certainly have an opportunity now to do more experimental crossovers with short films. We can experience new collaborations with Pixar and Marvel properties. “

Homer Simpson as Hulk, crossover with Marvel characters- Blog Hola Telcel

In addition to the special short film by Marvel Y The SimpsonIt is believed that the following seasons of the iconic series will introduce more winks and references from Marvel superheroes, as it has been confirmed that the series was renewed by Disney until season 34, so it will not be strange to see Iron Man, Captain America or Thor as part of the episodes.

Iron Man attacks Milhouse and Bart, next crossover of The Simpsons with Marvel- Blog Hola Telcel

Thanos in The Simpsons, series entry- Blog Hola Telcel

First it was Star Wars turn, now it’s Marvel’s turn

The most interesting thing is that this will not be the first crossover from The Simpson belonging to Disney, since the short film was released on May 4 Maggie Simpson in waking up from nap, a special for the day of Star Wars, which you can enjoy through Disney + when adding it to your current Telcel Plan. #All in the same place

Maggie in the awakening of the force, special short film Disney + .- Blog Hola Telcel

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Even the biggest celebrities in film and music have wanted to belong to a chapter of the Simpson family. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Stan Lee, Liam Neeson and Tom Hanks have done it, so this time it’s the Avengers’ turn. What do you think about the idea?😊

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