Bargain to buy the Philips B8505 / 10 with Alexa at a great price

We are facing an accessory that above all is very full, since it offers many options for use that ensure that you will always be able to get the most out of it when combined with the TV you have at home. And a sample of what we say is that this soundbar has a wireless subwoofer that you can place it in any place thanks to the fact that it uses Bluetooth technology. This, combined with dimensions of the main element of only 103.5 x 42.5 x 15 cm, they ensure that you will not have any problem locating the device in the living room furniture.

Philips soundbar B8505 / 10 silver

Another thing that is very positive about the product we are talking about is that it has impressive connectivity. It does not lack any of the options that are used today, since for example it has both a digital optical audio like three HDMI (These being 4K and ARC compatible). But, in addition, it does not lack a wide range of wireless possibilities among which are Bluetooth to be able to send content from mobile terminals and, even, this Philips B8505 / 10 also offers support for Apple AirPlay. It certainly does not lack anything!

Sound power to give and take

The combination of the two elements that make up the product we are talking about (which make this system 21.1), allow us to reach the 240 W. Therefore, it almost outrageously surpasses what current televisions offer, even if they are high-end. Ideal to place it in any room, no matter how large it may be, it should be mentioned that it also offers compatibility with various technologies that ensure excellent sound precision. Without going any further, it offers support with Dolby Atmos and DTS Play-Fi, which is all life insurance when it comes to enjoying any type of content including games.

Philips B8505 / 10 bar connections

Take the opportunity to buy the Philips B8505 / 10 on Amazon

Thanks to the existing promotion you can get this complete and powerful soundbar for only 339.26 euros. A bargain if you take into account that we are talking about an excellent quality product and that, among other things, it offers support with the most used voice assistants such as Google’s own and, of course, Amazon Alexa. With a silver finish that is differential and quite attractive, we leave you the link that you have to use to make the purchase from home and also take advantage of the Prime accounts that allow not having to pay anything for shipping costs.

How can it be otherwise, it does not lack remote control to this device so that you can control all its options and modes of use sitting quietly in the chair, and we also think it is very interesting to indicate that this Philips B8505 / 10 is compatible with Spotify Connect. One more additional detail that increases the usefulness of this accessory. By the way, if you need it you can hang this product on the wall in a simple way.

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