Bargain: Lenovo gaming Bluetooth headphones for only 28 euros

Lenovo LP6 headphones with gaming background

Wireless connectivity has improved a lot in recent times, so it is possible to use helmets of this type as an accessory when playing games without having a bad user experience. An example of what we say are Lenovo gaming bluetooth headset that are now in offer.

The model we are talking about is the Lenovo LP6 that uses technology Bluetooth 5.0 to communicate with sound sources, which can be both computers and mobile devices (with the latter we believe they make an excellent set when it comes to enjoying games anywhere). The fact is that this is a technology-compatible accessory True Wireless, so you can be sure that the data transfer speed as well as the stability of these is very high, which ensures great precision and that you will not hear a shot later than you should.

Lenovo LP6 gamig Bluetooth headset

These Lenovo Bluetooth gaming headphones are a model that are considered independent, so they do not use any cables in their operation (as with Apple AirPods). This gives a excellent freedom in its use, since there is no limitation in the movements that are carried out, they even allow them to be used with high comfort when going from one place to another. Here it is important to note that each of the included sound elements has a weight below 10 grams which ensures that you will not have any discomfort, since it also does not lack silicone tips so that the fit in the ear is practically perfect.

An offer with a spectacular discount

Due to a discount that reaches the 22%, Right now you only have to pay 28.11 euros to purchase this product in the Gearbest store. When it comes to shipping costs, these are quite sensible, since they are only € 2.54. Come on, they are a bargain this model that arrives finished in blue and to which it does not lack some LEDs that make them very attractive for the gaming environment. We leave the link that you have to use so as not to run out of them, since the promotion is called Flash and therefore has a limited time.

Good options in these Lenovo Bluetooth gaming headsets

One of those that we believe should be known about these Lenovo LP6, since it is important in a wireless headset is that it has an autonomy of a few 6 hours on one charge, but it should be noted that the sheath that is included with this device includes its own drums and it is capable of providing energy to multiply by up to four the figure that we have mentioned before. It fulfills perfectly.

Lenovo LP6 case

Without clashing in what has to do with sound quality, since its driver is 10mm So it offers a fairly adequate definition for the dimensions of the product, we believe that these Lenovo Bluetooth gaming headphones are an excellent purchase option, especially if you plan to use them in combination with a mobile terminal when enjoying your favorite games.

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