Backpacks with LED lights to signal bike or scooter maneuvers

This has meant that in many of the streets of the main cities, we find more and more people who travel by bicycle or electric scooter. The accidents in which this type of means of transport have been involved have been many in recent years, which has led the DGT to establish new rules in the use of them.

Although some of the causes of these accidents are the recklessness of the drivers themselves, lack of signage It is another of the great problems. Although on bicycles it is somewhat easier to indicate our maneuvers with the arm, with the scooter it is somewhat more complicated, therefore, we are going to show below some models of LED backpacks to signal our maneuvers and that other drivers can know what we are going to do in advance.

When buying one of these backpacks with signaling of maneuvers through LED lights, it is important to take into account several aspects. One of them is his ability, here we will have to think about our needs, if we are one of those who need to carry a lot of things in our backpack, such as a laptop, work clothes, etc. On the other hand, it is important to see if you have other reflective elements, as this will help us to be much more visible when we are driving at night.

Of course, if the fabric is waterproof, we will avoid that any dip while we move, can wet everything that we carry inside. The capacity of your battery is also another important piece of information, since we need to have autonomy enough so that we can signal our maneuvers throughout our journey.

Another option to consider is that you have remote control, a control that we can attach to the handlebar of our bicycle or scooter and from which we can control each of the signs that appear on the backpack itself. It is also interesting to check the size of the signals, number of LEDs, etc.

Backpacks with LED signage


Backpack with a 35-liter capacity that incorporates a USB charger and is made of high-quality, water-resistant and highly durable nylon. The built-in battery offers an autonomy of up to 12 hours and offers the possibility of displaying three LED signals to indicate left turn, right turn and danger signal when we go by bicycle or scooter. It also has other reflective elements so that we can be seen on the road without any problem.

Vistania backpack with led lights


Backpack with an executive design measuring 48 × 38 cm, padded straps for maximum comfort and a remote control function with a built-in control to be placed on the handlebar of the bike or scooter. In this way, from the command itself, we can indicate the signals that will be displayed on the backpack through its panel of LED lights.

Jocca backpack with led lights


Backpack made of waterproof and highly resistant nylon fabric that incorporates a panel of LED lights in which we can indicate the right and left turn, danger signal and stop signal. For this, it has a remote control that allows remote control of the backpack signals that we can easily attach to the handlebar of the bike or scooter for comfortable handling. It has a 500 mAh battery that offers a range of up to 15 hours.

Backpack with led lights HWJL


Backpack with LED lights to signal our maneuvers when we go by bike or electric scooter. It is made of waterproof nylon with great tear resistance. It offers a capacity of 18 liters and allows to display four signals, turn left, turn right, go ahead and stop. It has a remote control to control the light signals from the handlebar and a very ergonomic design so that we can carry it comfortably for hours. Also includes a cover for heavy rain.

Lixada backpack with led lights


This eelo Cyglo Lite is a backpack with a panel of LED lights that allows to display signals for left turn, right turn and danger. It has a panel of 85 x 70 mm in size and thanks to its large capacity battery, we can use it for 20 hours without having to recharge it. It is a very light backpack made of waterproof and breathable nylon and that has a remote control that we can carry on the handlebar to make the signals in a very comfortable way. Its capacity is 15 liters.

Backpack with led lights eelo


Backpack with LED flashing lights that allows to show four light signals, turn to one side and the other, danger signal and stop. It incorporates a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers a range of up to 15 hours and has a remote control that we can easily place on the handlebar of the bike or scooter to indicate the appropriate signals without having to remove the hands from the handlebar. It has a very ergonomic design with adjustable man strap and small.

Fischer backpack with led lights


Backpack with ultralight LED panel with a capacity of 5 liters and a weight of only 480 grams that can be adjusted with shoulder and chest straps and also has adjustment at the waist. It has 48 LED lights to indicate the turn to the right, left and stop and a remote control for the signals that we can attach to the handlebar of the bicycle or the scooter. It has a 850 mAh capacity battery with a USB port that offers a range of up to 15 hours.

Backpack with LED signage ZCVB


Large capacity backpack, 15 liters, with an LED panel that allows the display of signs to indicate the left, right, stop or go turn. It has a rechargeable battery that we can charge directly from our laptop and a remote control for remote control of the signals. We can place this control on the handlebar of the bike or the scooter for easy handling.

Snowvirtuos backpack with led lights


Backpack with 15 liters of capacity that has an ergonomic design and breathable backrest that includes a panel of LED lights to signal any maneuver when we drive our bicycle or scooter. Indicates left and right turn and stop. For this, it has a panel of 30 LED lights with which to inform the rest of the drivers or vehicles on the road what our next maneuver will be. It also has a remote and wireless control to control the signals from the handlebar.

Backpack with led lights ZCVB


Ultra-light, highly durable backpack made of water-resistant and wear-resistant nylon with a 500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. It has a wireless transmitter to manage the signaling from the handlebar of the scooter or bicycle. It allows signaling the turn to one side and the other, danger signal or stop through its panel with LED lights. It can be folded when not in use and stored in a very very small space.

Lifebest backpack with led lights

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