At last! Android 12 will release two of the most anticipated functions

Android 12 It could be launched in the coming weeks and little by little the news that will arrive with this update begins to filter. One of the new tools that have been released is the ability to run two applications at the same time on an enhanced screen. The second function will be able to restrict which apps you want to connect to the internet and which apps you want to pause. Read on to find out how they will work.

Android 12 will release two of the most anticipated functions

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Android 12

It will include function to facilitate multitasking

In the latest Android updates, the possibility of using the split screen has already been included so that you can see two applications at the same time, however there are still improvements to make its use more comfortable.

The new version of split screen that will include Android 12 will be called App Pairs. This tool will group two apps as a single task on your cell phone screen.

new android 12 function

In other words, you can choose two applications that you have open and turn them into a couple, so you will use them as if they were one to be able to display them on the main screen.

A divider bar between both apps will let you adjust the size you want in each one. In addition, when you tap twice in a row on the bar you will be able to exchange their position.

Android 12 will feature Restricted Mode

XDA Developers have found in the android code 12 Another of the most anticipated functions, it is Restricted Mode or Restricted Networking Mode that will allow you to decide which applications of those installed on your cell phone, you want to give them a break from using the internet.

new android 12 function

These tools are added to the new installation of apps in Android 12 that we explain in this link.

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