At a Glance adds data personalization settings

Besides revealing work on support for Ring doorbell notifications, the latest version of Android System Intelligence gives you control over data used for At a Glance and other smart features.

Android System Intelligence (previously Device Personalization Services) is responsible for At a Glance, Live Caption, contextual notification actions, smart replies, and other ML-powered features on Android, and especially Pixel devices.

After updating to version T.5 on a Pixel 6 Pro running Android 13, the At a Glance settings page has a new “Control using data from apps” shortcut under “Personalization.” This will take you to an existing toggle (already on Android 12) to enable/disable “Personalize using app data.” You can “Allow apps to send content to the Android system.” 

Allow apps to send content to At a Glance. Used for weather, commute, upcoming events, etc. 

From our testing today, switching that preference off does not disable At a Glance features, like weather. 

Android 12 vs. 13

Meanwhile, Settings app > Privacy > Android System Intelligence sees a new “Customize the experience using your Google Account data” toggle. Focused on Account data versus app data:

This may include suggesting actions, providing recommendations or improving the overall experience based on your name, home address, and search history.

Android System Intelligence T.5 is not yet widely rolled out on Android 13 via the Play Store.

Android 12 vs. 13

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