Asus’ new device tells you if your fruit and vegetables are well washed

Asus gadget

Asus developed a device that will be useful in your kitchen. It is a gadget that informs you if your fruit and vegetables are well washed

With the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been more alert about the cleaning food that are consumed. That is why Asus threw a device that alerts you if your fruit and vegetables are well washed.

Thanks to this gadget People will be able to find out if the food has any chemical or polluting residue that could be harmful to our body.


Its about PureGo PD100 which should be placed in the water next to the fruit and vegetables that the person is washing at that time.

How does the gadget work?

East asus device It has a sensor ultraviolet light that detect any harmful substance that is in the water and therefore in your fruit or vegetables. Through a light it will warn if it is necessary for the products to be washed again.

If the equipment throws a green light, it is that they are ready to be consumed. But if, on the other hand, it shows a red light, it means that they are not completely clean. And it could be harmful to your health if you consume them.

East gadget It does not come alone because it also has a mobile application that shows a detailed analysis of the results it has obtained.

wash fruits asus

The device communicates with that app using Bluetooth 5.0. The company revealed that it could even send notifications.

Asus highlighted that PureGo PD100 It was designed to always be in the kitchen, so it has a wireless charger that is capable of resisting water and that delivers six hours of autonomy on a single charge.

At the moment the gadget It is only available in North America for a price of $ 200. So far Asus has not reported on whether it could reach more markets, but it is expected that it will.

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