“Are you the one in the video?”, The Facebook message that you should delete

Chatting on Facebook Messenger can be very entertaining, however you should always pay close attention to who you are chatting with. Recently, it has become known that a false message is circulating that you should not trust and the suggestion is to eliminate it immediately.

Facebook message that you should delete

Remember that the objective of social networks is to have fun and spend pleasant moments with your friends, so you must keep personal data and passwords secret. Enjoy all the news from Facebook taking advantage of the fact that this and all the apps of your favorite social networks are unlimited in your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan with #TelcelLaMejorRed and the best coverage.

What is the message you should be suspicious of on Facebook Messenger?

Some users have reported receiving a message with some common phrases such as: “I think you appear in this video “,” Are you the one in the video? ” or ‘Have you seen yourself in this video yet? “,” Why were you tagged in this video? ” or “Hears! Is that video yours? “ The goal is to arouse your curiosity and motivate you to click on the included link.

Facebook message that you should delete

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The most curious thing is that the message seems to come from one of your contacts, when you enter you see a link with the play option, the same as when you click, it links you to a page so that you enter your data.

Within the information that it requests, to supposedly see the video, it asks for your Facebook username, email and password. If you provide this information, they could enter your account and from there send the same message to your contacts.

Facebook message that you should deleteRemember that to protect your privacy and the information you have shared on Facebook, you should never provide your password.

If you receive a similar message, it is best not to open the link and delete it immediately. Another suggestion is to continually change your password. In this link we leave you other tips that you should consider to use your social networks safely.

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