Are you looking for a job? ‘Game of Thrones’ castle keeper required

Are you looking for a dream job, one like no other? A new opportunity to challenge your intellect to the fullest. If you love original proposals, let us tell you about this job offer: They are looking for a person to take care of the castle game of Thrones. Surely this offer will make your eyes of hope shine.

They are looking for a person to take care of the Game of Thrones castle

The job: guarding the castle of game of Thrones

Remember game of Thrones? That series that had us very nailed a few years ago. Well, this news will appeal to the most fans, because they are looking for a person who has the job of Jack Torrence; That’s right, custodian of Castle St. Michael’s Mount, which became the home of the Targaryens.

The characters, plot and even the landscapes that make it up, have made game of Thrones one of the best series in the history of television, which you can enjoy, as many times as you want, through Claro video with your subscription to HBO because #TienesMuchoQueVer.

They seek custodian of the castle of Game of Thrones

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Roles and responsibilities of the castle custodian

To be custodian of this iconic place, location of House of the Dragon, prequel to GoT, it is necessary:

🏰 Move to the castle; This is in the United Kingdom, on the coast of Marazion in the county of Cornwall (yes, the birthplace of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla).
🏰 You will be responsible for security.
🏰 Maintain the castle.
🏰 Tending to the St. Aubyn family and researching their art collection.
🏰 Being available at all times for any assignment, such as moving furniture or hanging pictures, and carrying out any activity assigned to him.
🏰 Know what to do in an emergency.
🏰 Activate the alarm.

Game of Thrones castle guard job

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Which are the requirements?

🏰 They need a person who does not suffer from dizziness, because the only way to access the castle is by boat.
🏰 Be available to work in the UK for at least one year.
🏰 That he be an active person, because they clarify that there are few personnel, but with many activities.

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What does this job offer?

In addition to a great experience as a custodian of one of the most visited and iconic places in the UK, they will give you a 20% discount on drinks and retail at St. Aubyn Estates stores.

You will also have free entry for you, your family and friends to St. Michael’s Mount; parking, social events, vineyard tours, boat trips, monthly company breakfasts and annual party.

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What do I have to do to apply?

We tell you that the vacancy does not mention the payment, so consider it if you apply for the job. You must send your application to where you explain why you are interested in the vacancy and highlight your skills.

Emails will be received until June 4, 2021 and interviews will be scheduled in the week of June 7-12, for those who proceed to the next stage.

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