Are you looking for a job? Canada offers 109 thousand pesos a month for this job

Do you want to live a unique and new experience in your life? How about applying for a vacancy in maple land? This time Canada seeks software developers to work in Québec.

The Employment Portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Prevention (STPS) shared a couple of vacancies for software developers in the province of Quebec, Canada. We tell you everything you need to know to be able to apply or share this information with the friend that surely already came to your mind.

Canada seeks software developers

The attractiveness of working in Canada?

Although Mexico has everything we need to be happy, jobs in other countries have more attractive salaries. In this case, up to 109 thousand pesos a month are offered for candidates who fill these positions.

Another advantage? Change of scene and venture to live in a country surrounded by nature, culture and a myriad of reasons that also add a plus point to your resume.

Canada seeks software developers

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The job description

The people who manage to obtain the position of software developer in Canada, will be in charge of developing, optimizing the products incorporating the technology of the fiber optic sensors in the design field; as well as that of interventional cardiology.

They will also be engaged in organizing, planning and executing tasks related to the design, architecture, development, verification, validation, maintenance of software in the context of new product development; as well as the optimization of existing products.

Canada seeks software developers

What are the requirements for the vacancy in Canada?

According to said job portal, they are looking for personnel with a degree in Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.

In this case, it is essential to have a command of spoken and written English; as well as an intermediate level of French; for both are mother tongues for Quebecers.

vacancies in Canada for Mexicans

Apart from this, at least five years of experience in the niche are required; and knowledge of the Linux operating system is essential.

Candidates are expected to be able to work as a team, autonomous, passionate about innovation; who has basic knowledge of electronics and knowledge of ISO 13485 and ISO 62304 medical standards.

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Salary and facilities

Yes, 109 thousand 338 pesos per month are those that are offered with two biweekly payments for this work that involves 40 hours a week; that is, 8 hours a day.

Among the facilities for the lucky ones are the flight to Canada what the company will pay; apart from the fact that they will help to find a place to live close to the place of work at a reasonable price, which the candidate will pay.

Canada seeks software developers

How to apply?

If you meet all the conditions for the position, don’t wait any longer and get ready to apply for the job!

To apply you must send your information and curriculum to the National Employment Service Office that you find in this link and if you have any questions about it, you can request more information by calling 01 800 841 2020 from anywhere in Mexico.

You have until April 12, 2021 – the day on which the receipt of documents is closed. The interviews will take place virtually from May 4 to 8; So take advantage of the duplicate gigs of your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan from 199 pesos a month to do the interview for the job of your dreams connected to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

Canada seeks software developers

Now you know! If you are a software master, dare to live a very Canadian work experience!

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