Are you already on Facebook Dating? Discover the news 😉

Facebook Dating seemed not to gain popularity in its first weeks of launch in 2019, however, according to the company, users who have used this functionality have increased by up to 55% during the pandemic. In response to popularity, they have implemented new features.

Now, the Facebook dating app will allows to send audios with the people you’ve done match. When you try to start a call with someone, the other person will receive an invitation. If the other contact accepts, they can have a continuous call or send short audio.

Facebook Dating Increases Users During Pandemic - Hola Telcel Blog

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You can already do match with people from other countries on Facebook Dating!

After the success of Tinder, Facebook will now also allow adding two new locations to connect with people from other countries. This function, called Match Anywhere, was primarily intended for people who continue to work from home and have temporarily changed residence. That way, it could be easier to meet new people near the foster home you chose during the pandemic.

The third and last function just implemented in Facebook Dating is Lucky Pick, with which users can filter the people they can match with according to their interests. In addition, Facebook will allow finding people that the algorithm would not have chosen according to the profiles that the user has previously selected.

Facebook Dating now allows you to send audios with your matches - Hola Telcel Blog

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According to Facebook spokesperson Alexandru Voica, these features have been implemented to make it easier to find “that special person” during the pandemic. Will these features encourage you to use the Facebook dating service?

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