Ardor 6.9 arrives with Apple M1 support, add-on improvements and more

The new version of Ardor 6.9 was released several days ago and this is a version that comes with some improvements, the most important of which is the added support for devices that use the Apple M1 chip, in addition to that some improvements have also been made in the add-on manager, in the management of lists of playback and more.

For those who are unfamiliar with Ardor, you should know that this application It is designed for multi-channel recording, sound processing and mixing. There is a multitrack timeline, an unlimited level of reversal of changes throughout the work with the file (even after closing the program), support for a variety of hardware interfaces.

The program is positioned as a free analog of ProTools, Nuendo, Pyramix and Sequoia professional tools.

Main new features of Ardor 6.9

In this new version of Ardor 6.9, the developers emphasize that the plugin manager capabilities have been improved, since now the administrator has moved to the “Window” menu of the first level and now search and display all available plugins in the system and its associated datas, in addition to adding the support to be able to sort and filter add-ons by name, brand, tags and format.

Another change that was added is the option to ignore problematic plugins and the ability to explicitly define the plugin format when loading (AU, VST2, VST3, and LV2 formats are supported). Additionally, an application has been added that has the ability to be able to scan VST and AU plugins, crashes in which they do not affect Ardor, and a new dialog was implemented to manage plugin scanning, allowing you to discard individual plugins without interrupting the general scanning process.

On the other hand, it is also highlighted that the playlist management system has been improved significantly, since new actions with global playlistsuch as “New Playlist for Rebuilt Tracks” to record a new version of all selected tracks and “Copy Playlist for all Tracks” to save current status of arrangement and edits. The ability to open the dialog to select the playlist by pressing “?” with selected track. The ability to select all the tracks in the playlist without grouping has been implemented.

We can also find that working with flows with a variable sample rate has been improved (varispeed) and added a button to quickly enable / disable varispeed and go to settings.

Of the other changes that stand out in this new version:

  • Simplified “shuttle control” interface.
  • Preservation of variable speed settings is provided, now not resetting after switching to normal playback.
  • Added interface to block MIDI patch changes during session loading.
  • An option has appeared in the settings to enable / disable VST2 and VST3 support.
  • Added support for LV2 plugins with multiple Atom ports like Sfizz and SFZ player.
  • Builds for devices based on the Apple M1 chip.

Finally, if you are interested in knowing more about it, you can consult the details in the following link.

How to install Ardor on Ubuntu and derivatives?

For those who are interested in being able to install Ardor on their system, they should know that the package is inside the repositories of most distributions and ready to be installed, just with the detail that this is only a trial version.

In the case of Ubuntu and derivatives, the package is within the repositories. Having said that, If you want to test the application I leave you the commands of installation.

To install Ardor on Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives:

sudo apt install ardour

Another method to install Ardor on your system is with the help of the flatpak packages. For this, your system must have the support to install this type of packages and the command to install is as follows:

flatpak install flathub org.ardour.Ardour

And voila, with that you can now search for the launcher in your application menu or in case you want to run the application from the terminal or you cannot find the launcher, just type:

flatpak run org.ardour.Ardour

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