Apple’s facial recognition will soon reach all computers

Face ID

Reports indicate that the Face ID facial recognition system will soon be available on the rest of Apple devices such as: Mac, iPhone SE and all iPads

Reports indicate that Manzana he wants his Face ID replace Touch ID of all your devices. In this way the facial recognition would be the user’s authentication system in Mac, iPhone SE and all the iPads.

The first reports indicate that in the next two years the Cupertino company could implement this security system on all your computers, so some of them could be redesigned.

Face id apple

Mark Gurman was in charge of revealing the plans for Manzana with Face ID Y Touch ID. The incorporation of facial recognition Assumes devices have a full screen layout.

According to the Bloomberg reporter the only reason why still Manzana has not incorporated the Face ID on all teams are costs.

“If it were possible, Apple would have already eliminated Touch ID. But it has sustained it for a few reasons. On the iPhone SE and non-Pro iPads, it’s a cheaper alternative that allows Apple to cut costs while still providing security. On Mac laptops, the screens are too thin to implement the necessary depth sensor ”

Face ID on Macs and a new design for high-end models

Face ID was introduced in 2017 when the iPhone X. Today the system facial recognition is in force in the iPhone less in the SE version and only in the iPad Pro. But now it would also be in the Mac.


According to the company, the Face ID It is a safer system since the user registers a model of his face, in this way it is more comfortable to enter a device since it is only enough to show the face.

In addition, facial recognition has an extra function with respect to fingerprint unlocking: it can be used for augmented reality functions.

Mark Gurman highlighted that Manzana could “differentiate the higher-end models from their inexpensive versions with a new look in the camera, introducing a sensor with Face ID integrated into the screen in those more expensive models, while the cheaper variants will include a notch with Face ID” .

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