Apple would launch a new iPhone SE with 5G

iPhone SE with 5G

It is expected that in March Apple will hold its first event where a new iPhone SE with 5G is expected to be presented

Since last week there has been a rumor that Manzana I would be thinking of launching a new iPhone SE with 5G. After the presentation of Samsung rumors have increased.

It is expected that the cupertino company have your first event of the year with an update on your iPad and with the arrival of a cheaper version of its model.

iPhone SE 2022

It should be remembered that this is a great announcement since it would be the “first update of the iPhone SE. Since the launch of the previous model two years ago”.

In addition to the incorporation of 5G technologythis equipment would arrive with a better camera and processor, which would make it a very competitive model for people who do not want to spend so much on a phone.

The new version of iPad Air It would arrive with a faster processor and also with 5G connectivity. However, so far no substantial changes have been mentioned in the two teams.

Mark Gurman revealed that it would be this coming March 8 when Manzana make your event, which would be kept digitally.

The Bloomberg analyst highlighted that in addition to the iPhone SE and the new model iPad Airthe cupertino company you could also present your new computer Mac with the Apple Silicon processor.

According to Mark Gurman, there are expected to be four major announcements in the spring from Apple.

iPhone SE

Bloomberg also reported that Manzana plans to launch throughout the first fortnight of the month iOS 15.4the update of its operating system that incorporates the possibility of unlocking the iPhone with FaceID even if you have the mask.

This update would also include: 37 new emojis, universal control. The ability to add notes to iCloud Keychain or turn off notifications in automations.

iOS 15.4 beta was released at the end of January, so it is expected that the company has already corrected some flaws.

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