Apple would be working on cheaper screens

apple screens

The screens are one of the elements that most increase the cost of the equipment, however Apple would be working on cheaper elements

The products Manzana They are among the most requested in the world of technology, however their cost means that not everyone can acquire one.

The screens It is one of the elements that most increase the price of the equipment, but now it was revealed that this would be about to change since the cupertino company would be developing cheaper elements.

It should be remembered that it would not be the first time that Manzana presents an affordable screen, since it had the screen 27-inch Thunderbolt. But it discontinued its manufacture in 2016.

apple screen

The Cupertino company sells the Pro Display XDR for $5,000. But reports indicate that the company would be working on independent screens.

Although there is no confirmed information, rumors detail that Manzana if you would intend to develop cheaper screens.

Some media point out that the company’s idea is to have a successor to ThunderboltDisplaywhich would be sold as a stand-alone monitor.

This sweet potato screen would be aimed at lower cost consumers, thus expanding its range of sales.

Manzana It is one of the companies that has innovated the most in its screens to offer its users better functions that allow them to have a great advantage in the market.

One of its characteristics that has distinguished the company is the shineeven this is modified if the screen is in low power mode.

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These types of features are not likely to be seen on low-cost displays.

“However, the problem with cutting costs is that you will have a reduced brightness and contrast ratio. Compared to Pro Display XDR”

The information released details that Manzana would launch its cheap screen in two sizes. Although there is nothing confirmed, it stands out that it could be 24 and 27 inches.

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