Apple would be developing its hybrid console like the Nintendo Switch

Apple hybrid console

Rumor indicates that Apple would be in negotiations with Ubisoft to have exclusive games for its new hybrid console

Manzana has become one of the most important companies in the world of technology. It was recently revealed that the company would be working on its own hybrid console.

According to information posted on a South Korean forum called Clien, the Cupertino company is interested in entering the world of gaming and would be developing its own device similar to the Nintendo switch.

Nintendo switch

The rumor states that Manzana would integrate in your hybrid console a new chip specially developed for the gaming. This would make the device have better GPU performance and would include Ray Tracing.

The new chip for the hybrid console it would differ from the A series of iPhones and the M series of Macs and iPad Pro.

The first reports indicate that the Cupertino company I would not be alone because I would already be negotiating with large studios of video game, among them Ubisoft. Since it could provide you with exclusive games that make the device more attractive.

According to some reports Manzana I would not bet on the design, since I would be more interested in including a fan, so that the SoC is more powerful even if it does not have a great energy efficiency.

So far it is not confirmed information, although it has gone around the world. For the moment Manzana had shown no interest in developing his own hybrid console. It had even only remained in the development of the software of the already known devices.


Some rumors indicate that a future generation of the Apple tv could become a console video game and include a command. There has also been talk of a possible Mac for gamers, but so far there is nothing concrete.

But it should be remembered that Nintendo switch has had great worldwide success, a few weeks ago it was reported that its worldwide sales amounted to 84.59 million units.

So it wouldn’t be weird for Manzana see in this kind of hybrid consoles a chance to increase your sales. There are also rumors that Qualcomm prepares its own console similar to the Nintendo switch, but with Android.

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