Apple will recalibrate the batteries of the iPhone 11 in a new update

iPhone 11

A bug is affecting the batteries of the iPhone 11, Apple reported that the problem will be solved with the arrival of iOS 14.5

Manzana reported that there is a problem that is affecting all batteries of the iPhone 11. However, the bug will be solved with the next update your operating system.

It is expected that in spring it will arrive iOS 14.5, where the Cupertino company going to recalibrate the maximum capacity of the drums and the performance of those devices.

iPhone 11 battery

According to the first reports, the useful life of the batteries of the iPhone 11 has been hampered by this problem. Users of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have indicated that inaccurate estimates of the battery status.

Manzana reported that the bug causes unexpected behavior that drains the drums of devices that were released two years ago and in some cases reduces their performance capacity.

In this sense, the company recommended to its users that once the iOS 14.5 version is released, the equipment be updated, so that the battery is recalibrated and thus prevent other problems from arising.

How is the recalibration of the iPhone 11?

Once he iPhone 11 is updated to iOS 14.5, the user must access General> Battery> Condition. A message will appear stating that the battery will be recalibrated.

Apple recalibrate battery

It should be noted that the process “will take a few weeks, since the iPhone needs to go through several regular charging cycles to know the true state of the battery.”

Once the process is finished, users will stop seeing the message and will be able to observe the real status of their drums. If it was affected, Manzana will recommend replacing it, if there is a warranty, the repair could be done free of charge.

“In the event that the battery shows a significant degradation, a message will appear indicating this and offering a service”

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