Apple will have to pay 300 million dollars for patent infringement

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A Texas jury determined that Apple should pay for having misused patents of the Optis firm on its iPhone, iPad and Watch

After announcing its new imaging scan to prevent child sexual abuse, Manzana is back in controversy after a Texas jury ruled that it had to pay $ 300 million for patent infringement.

According to the authorities, the company led by Tim Cook violated patents of Optis Wireless. According to the company, it used this technology in its iPhone, iPad Y Watch.

Apple would be willing to appeal the sentence as it assured that it is a victim of the case.


Notably Optis Wireless owns companies such as PanOptis Patent Management, Optis Cellular, and Unwired Planet. It is also recognized for buying the patents from other companies and sue for their misuse.

“Optis does not manufacture products and its only business is to sue companies using the patents they accumulate. We will continue to defend ourselves against their attempts to obtain unreasonable payments for the patents they acquire, ”an Apple spokesperson told The Verge.

Five o’clock patents that he supposedly occupied Manzana they improperly belonged to Panasonic, Samsung and LG between 2014 and 2017. These would be related to LTE connectivity.

This is the second time that it has been determined that Manzana You must pay Optis for the patent infringement. Well last year a jury determined that the Cupertino company would have to pay 500 million dollars.

After the decision, Manzana decided to appeal and managed to reduce the fine to 200 million dollars. However, last April, a judge overturned that order and called for a new trial focusing solely on damages.

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Optis would be looking for that Manzana paid you up to $ 7 billion for patent infringement considering a term known as FRAND.

Apple could stop selling its products in the UK due to its fight with Optis

Optis also filed a similar lawsuit against Manzana in the United Kingdom. In fact, it had already been ruled that the company infringed two patents.

It was estimated that the amount to be paid would not only contemplate the sales of the iPhone in the United Kingdom, but all over the world.

The attorney for Manzana he immediately reacted by assuring that in the event that a “commercially unacceptable” fee had to be paid, the company could exit the UK market.

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