Apple will allow unlocking the iPhone with the mask on

unlock iPhone with face mask

With the arrival of iOS 15.4, it will be possible to unlock the iPhone with the mask on without resorting to the Apple Watch

After a long wait of two years Manzana would finally allow unlock iPhone with the face mask placed without recourse to Apple Watch.

After receiving several requests from users, it was revealed that in the first beta of iOS 15.4 it will be possible to enter your team with FaceID while wearing a face mask.

This new version is already in the hands of developers and it is revealed that users will not have to worry about having the mask thanks to the option called “Use Face ID with a mask”.

iPhone with the mask

Despite the great expectation that has been generated, this function will not be available to all iPhone, since it was revealed that it will only arrive for the last two generations of iPhone: 12, 13 and their respective Pro models.

Brandon Butch shared a capture in a part where iOS explains how it works. Although you can unlock the iPhone with his face covered, Manzana warns that Face ID performs better when it can scan the entire face.

“Face ID is most accurate when it is set to only recognize the full face. To use Face ID while wearing a mask, iPhone can recognize the unique features around the eye area to authenticate.”

With the pandemic, users had asked that Manzana will incorporate this function because it was quite annoying unlock iPhone in public places where the use of face masks was mandatory.

It is expected that over time Apple will continue to improve its function to avoid certain problems. And even that the function can be worked when the user has glasses and a face mask at the same time.

“Apple has added a configurator in the Face ID menu to add each pair of glasses that you normally wear. It is not mandatory, but it allows a faster recognition of the game”


How to activate this new function?

To activate the option unlock iPhone With face masks, users should go to Settings > Face ID and passcode in iOS 15.4 beta. At the moment, only the public beta is available, so you would have to wait for the official update.

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