Apple will allow hiding apps in the App Store

hide apps in the App Store

Now developers will be able to ask Apple not to be visible in the App Store in any of its categories. So they can only be installed with a link

Through a web publication Manzana announced that developers will now be able to hide your apps in the App Store, so that they do not appear in any of the categories of the platform, recommendation, search result, graphic or any other list.

In this way they can only be installed through a direct link. The cupertino company he noted that this is a good option for applications “that are not suitable for public distribution.”

Applications that have a limited number of users or that were developed for a specific event will be able to use this tool.

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The only way that people will be able to download the application will be through a link that the developer will distribute. So you can have more control over the people who access it.

“The link will redirect to the application page within the App Store. So that the user can install it on their device, like any other app”

Manzana explained that anyone who has the link can download the app, as these will be publicly available and will only be hidden in the store.

That is why it is recommended to developers that if they want to have greater security, they include access through a password. Which will limit the access of unwanted people.

The cupertino company He stressed that there will be no limitation regarding the region of the world, so this function will be available in all areas where app store is found working.

Requirements to hide an application in the Apple store

to make one app not listed and get a link, developers will have to send a request to Manzana.

“When the app is already available in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. You will need to create a new application registration and upload the software to distribute it as an unlisted application.”

Once approved, the team app store will send a link that can be shared to distribute the application.

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As it does with all its applications, developers who want to hide their platform will have to go through a review process prior to publication.

That is, they have to be examined and approved by Manzana. Those that are not ready for final distribution are exempt from publication via link. Since it will not be a place to distribute apps in pre-registration or beta.

“This applies both to new apps and those already available on the App Store that the developer wishes to “hide” so that they are only accessible through a link”

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