Apple Watch Series 3 on sale for only 199 euros

The truth is that price is one of the handicaps of Apple products, although there is no doubt that they are worth it and that you pay for their great quality and performance. Also, Cupertino’s products are rarely seen with great deals. Well, now it is possible to get the mythical Apple Watch Series 3 at a very attractive price.

Apple Watch Series 3 on sale

The model in question that we find on offer is the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS and 38mm dial with silver aluminum case and white sports strap. A model whose official price is set at 229 euros, but that we can buy now on Amazon reduced to 199 euros. Therefore, it is already possible to get an Apple Watch for less than 200 euros.

Apple Watch Series 3 side

The watch is sold and shipped directly by Amazon, which is the platform where we can find this offer, and offers a delivery time of just one week. If we are also Amazon Prime customers, then we can receive it totally free at our home.

Very complete and with great performance

As we have just indicated, the model on offer is the one that includes GPS, a watch that also has a Retina screen that allows you to see all the information displayed on it with total clarity and sharpness, even in broad daylight. This smartwatch becomes the ideal trainer for the most athletes, since it is capable of recording all our physical activity or workouts to the millimeter in real time and keeping a record of everything.

But also, it allows us to keep track of our heart rate, even let us know when it detects an irregular heart rhythm. For those who like the sport of swimming, you can also wear your Apple Watch Series 3 on your wrist as it offers water resistance and is submersible up to 50 meters.

Apple Watch Series 3 front

A watch that is powered by Apple’s S3 Chip that has internal storage capacity to carry our favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks, WatchOS operating system and the function of emergency calls or SOS if at some point something happens to us and we have to notify them so they can help us.

All this without forgetting that with the Apple Watch Series 3 it is one of the smartwatches that allow us to make calls and send messages, as well as receive all kinds of notifications from our iPhone, SMS, WhatsApp, email messages, etc., on the wrist without having to take the mobile out of the pocket.

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