Apple Watch SE on offer with 30 euros discount

When we talk about smart watches or smartwatches there is no doubt that the great reference for many people is the Apple Watch. A very complete and desired watch, especially by those who are already within the Apple ecosystem because they make use of an iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. However, we are not saying anything new when we refer to the high price of bitten apple products. The truth is that their high quality, capabilities and performance make their price high, but the truth is that this makes them not available to everyone. Apple is aware of this and that is why it has decided to launch a much more affordable model for everyone, the Apple Watch SE, a model that you can also get now on sale.

This model is known to many as the cheap version of the Apple Watch, but the truth is that although it has a much cheaper price, we must not forget that it continues to have the quality, benefits, guarantee and great performance of the rest of the Cupertino products.

Quality, warranty and performance

It is a watch that has a large retina display that allows us to visualize a lot of information at a single glance. Specifically, the size and design of the screen is identical to that of the Apple Watch Series 6 although it has a price almost double that of the SE.

Apple Watch SE side

For those who like to have all their activity controlled, it must be said that the Apple Watch SE allows keep track of all our workouts and activities. In addition, it is possible to share our achievements with colleagues and friends or even challenge them to find an extra motivation in your goals. A model that is water resistant and that we can submerge up to 50 meters without any problem, making it one of the smart watches with which we can go swimming both in the pool and in the sea. It is even capable of registering our strokes, lengths or route traveled in open water.

In addition, it is possible to enjoy our workouts with our favorite music, since it allows access to Apple Music and enjoy our lists, podcast or audiobooks while doing sports. And as it is already being a general trend in this type of devices, the Apple Watch SE could not be less and it also becomes our ideal companion when it comes to have certain aspects of our health controlled.

And it is able to motivate us, help us improve our habits, monitor the heart rate warning us if there are any abnormalities, etc. Of course, we must always take this information as something merely informative and not as a diagnosis. Before anything, the ideal is to consult a doctor. Even the Watch SE allows you to make emergency calls in the event of any accident.

Apple Watch SE now on sale

The official price of the Apple Watch SE is 329 euros for the 44 mm version. A price at which we can buy it on the Apple website, but which is now available with an interesting discount on Amazon. Specifically, the online shopping giant has applied a 30 euro discount on its official price.

apple watch se front

In this way, it is possible to buy it right now at the price of 299 euros. The model on offer is the one with a space gray aluminum case of 44 mm and black silicone sports strap. A watch equipped with everything you can ask for from this type of device.

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