Apple Watch 8 | Could measure blood alcohol level

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In recent days, several rumors have emerged that reveal that the Apple Watch 8 would be able to measure different parameters in the blood: blood pressure, glucose and alcohol level

A few months after presenting the Apple Watch Series 6, the company’s latest model, rumors have already surfaced about a new version which could measure the blood alcohol level.

Sources close to a business partner of the Cupertino company revealed that the Apple Watch 8 It would be able to measure different parameters in the blood: blood pressure, glucose and alcohol level.


SEC files (the United States Securities and Exchange Commission) reveal that Manzana is the largest client of Rockley photonics, a company that focuses on sensors that track blood sugar, blood pressure and alcohol levels.

Although there is no confirmed information, the new smartwatch from Manzana could implement non-invasive optical sensors that would allow them to measure different values.

The British newspaper The Telegraph revealed that it would not be unusual for Rockley Photonics’ main business partner to integrate its technology. In this way the new Apple watch It could be turned into a smart breathalyzer.

For his part, the general director of Rockley Photonics would have affirmed that his technology would be in consumer products from 2022.

Apple Watch 8 could measure blood alcohol level

With the Covid-19 pandemic, technology companies have shown a greater interest in people’s health. For this reason they have implemented several sensors that help to have more control.

Apple blood alcohol level

According to some rumors the Apple Watch 8 would take this situation to another level since it would integrate sensors that allow you to measure blood pressure, glucose and alcohol level.

This would be possible thanks to optical sensors non-invasive. In this way the device would emit an infrared light through the user’s skin, after the monitoring data is generated that could be understandable by users so that they know their health condition.

The Apple Watch 8 It could be released in 2022, so the information on the measurement of the blood alcohol level is not confirmed.

Reports indicate that the Apple Watch Series 7 this year it would be able to measure blood sugar level, which would make it an ideal device for diabetics.

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