Apple stops iPhone production for the first time in ten years


The chip shortage has also hit Apple. It has been revealed that for the first time it has had to stop the production of the iPhone in a time where it is accelerating

It has been rumored for a long time about the problems that companies will face for the production of their equipment due to the chip shortage.

It was recently revealed that this issue affected Manzana who for the first time in ten years was forced to stop the production of iPhone Y iPad.

According to a report by Nikkei Asia, the Cupertino company it stopped its production for a few days, in times when the company usually accelerates it due to the arrival of the Christmas holidays.

iPhone 13

The outlet noted that it is the first time in a decade that the company has to halt operations at its factories during China’s Golden Week.

And it is common that Manzana Increase production during the Chinese holidays that take place at the beginning of October and are even maintained with a 24-hour shift and in this way you can meet the demand for Christmas shopping.

“Foxconn and Pegatron were forced to halt assembly of Apple devices for several days due to missing components. That had never happened before “

Specialists pointed out that the production stoppage was due to three important factors:

  • Lack of components
  • Supply chain problems
  • Restrictions on energy use in China

The Engadget portal spoke to a manager who revealed that it had made no sense to pay workers overtime. When they didn’t have the components and chips to work with.

Nikkei Asia stressed that the problems in the production of the iPhone are not related to its most expensive components, but the cheapest elements.

“Specifically mention is made of the case of the transceivers provided by Nexperia, or the power management chips manufactured by Texas Instruments, among others”


And it is that the stock could not be guaranteed since these components are produced in Vietnam and Malaysia. Two countries tremendously hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apple had already taken steps to meet the demand for the iPhone 13

Previously Manzana had already lowered its production targets from iPhone 13 and it had to cut back on its iPad manufacturing so it could allocate more parts to its flagship devices.

This Apple decision could affect Christmas shopping. As experts have pointed out that the company may not be able to meet the demand that is generated on these dates.

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